Greenish Brands Host Event Empowering, Educating, and Celebrating Black Cannabis Professionals


Diversity and inclusion have made their way to the forefront of Black communities and businesses and have no plans to stop until equality is met for all. Amid diversifying industries created with minority biases, Greenish Vibes and Greenish Events partnered with the San Diego County of Black Chamber of Commerce to host a purposeful event celebrating, empowering, and educating Black professionals and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry.

To understand how the war on drugs in America affected Black and minority communities, you will then understand how the knowledge of building generational wealth in a legal cannabis industry is nothing less than equitable for Black entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Greenish Brands is a luxury apothecary wellness brand founded and created by Danicka Brown-Frazier. Within Greenish Brands are Greenish Vibes and Greenish events, which intentionally collaborate with Black and indigenous people of color and women-owned brands to host educational lifestyle experiences to build community.


Greenish Events recently hosted a Black Founders in Cannabis Panel in San Diego on March 3, 2023. This event produced knowledge from many successful cannabis professionals, including Freeway Ricky Ross, Virgil Grant, and Cheryl Morrow, who all provided insight into building their careers in a rapidly growing industry. The cannabis industry lacks inclusion, impacting Black Americans; reports show that 4.3% of cannabis is owned or co-owned by Black business owners. The panelist also gave insight into challenges created to keep the Black entrepreneur out of this industry and solutions to overcome and succeed.

“We hope that this event’s momentum and impact will inspire industry leaders, policymakers, and consumers alike to continue creating opportunities for marginalized communities. “- Danicka Brown-Frazier.

Black entrepreneurs must be represented correctly and take advantage of the cannabis industry, as the Black culture itself is filled with movers and shakers in any industry. As culture leaders, Greenish Brands are creating a positive narrative for Black entrepreneurs not just to own a business but learn how to become heirs and heiresses of companies to leave to their families.

The importance for Black communities, professionals, and entrepreneurs is to work on being creative in not just the cannabis industry. Still, in any industry, find the gray areas and use what you have to succeed. It’s essential to break the stigma of a drive in the Black community that can build generational wealth. Greenish Brands have established a rapport with other Black businesses to carry their products and spread knowledge and support to create a space for all Black entrepreneurs and cannabis professionals.

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The Power of Inner Child Healing: An Interview with Juniper Jillian Joy

Juniper Jillian Joy, a former blues artist turned life coach, author, and proponent of healing one’s inner child, shares her moving story of transformation and self-discovery. In this interview, she talks about how her faith has influenced her work as well as her experiences in overcoming childhood trauma. Joy’s new book, The First Story of Intentions, is a fantasy fiction fable based on her own life events. She shares from her journey to wholeness and self-acceptance in order to spread her message of hope, faith, and belief. Prepare to be inspired by Joy’s inspiring testimony of inner fortitude and resiliency as she guides others to practice self-love, self-care, and self-trust.

Q: Who is Juniper Jillian Joy and what are three words that you would use to describe yourself?

A: I am the “Inner Child Warrior.”

Juniper is my inner child’s name. Jillian is the teacher in me. Joy is what I intend to bring to myself and everyone everywhere through my books and sharing openly, vulnerably and intimately.

Q: What inspired your pivot from blues artist to life coach and financial strategies to now an Author and an advocate for inner child healing?

A: I spent most of my whole life fragmented due to childhood emotional trauma that caused me to be emotionally unavailable and stunted. As I healed my trauma, I healed my inner child and became whole within myself. I could no longer live the life I had been living. I went from a life of limitations to limitless possibilities that can only be described as miraculous. It’s just too amazing to keep to myself! I want everyone to know how to heal their inner child so that everyone everywhere can live in peace, love and joy!

Q: You have overcome many trials from your childhood and your former marriages. What motivated you to keep going?

A: I have always enjoyed learning. Once I transformed my life, I no longer needed outside validation, motivation or inspiration. I knew I was living my divine path, plan and purpose. Now I have the assurance of peace, love and joy in all areas of my life, knowing I am my own True North along my new journey inside myself, for myself, to myself. My motivation is my desire to serve others as a teacher and guide.

Q: Tell us about The First Story of Intentions: The Introduction to the Inner Child.

A: The First Story of Intentions is written as a fantasy fiction fable based on true events in my life that have been carefully crafted and woven into of each main character to show the complexity yet simplicity of situations that we all experience throughout our lives that leads to self-acceptance, self-discovery and self-awareness as the guide to self-trust, self-love and self-care building hope, faith and believe through our own perception.

Q: How has your faith influenced your work?

A: I have found faith to be two-fold for me. My faith in God helped build my internal faith for self. Being raised Pentecostal by my mother who was a spiritual warrior, a leader, a beautiful singer, beautiful inside and out, a prophetess and processed an amazing wisdom far beyond her years, just like her mother, the prayer warrior. My mother loved unconditionally. It was felt by everyone that ever met her. By having these two powerful women in my life and growing up with my mother teaching me how to recognize and use my gifts and talents with empathy as I see the blockages that hold people back from their intended destiny. Being present to see and feel my granny and mother talk to God in prayer, guide others to God’s love and light was the very foundation that has made me…me! I know I’ve lived on my granny and mothers’ prayers long after they passed away. I knew there would come a time that I had to take responsibility for myself. My journey began when I lost my voice for a solid year and told God, “If you give me voice back, I will use it for you!” After a year of speech therapy, my voice came back stronger than ever before and now I am the voice for the voiceless as I live, teach others through my songwriting, singing and writing my books to heal their inner child until each person can find their voice, speak their truth, stand in their power and create healthy boundaries and limitations in all areas of life through the inner child connection.

Connect with Juniper Jillian Joy:


 Instagram: @authorjuniperjillianjoy


Tara Lynn Townes is Making her Mark by Putting a Stop to Bullying Nationwide

The Unexpected Beauty In Purpose

In life, we know the importance of seeking your overall being and purpose, and throughout a person’s journey, you’ll learn how your purpose can be found near your passion. For Tara Lynn Townes, creator of Bullying Buddy Consulting, her passion stems from a personal experience that turned into an application that will change the future of children and adult safety and reveal her purpose. 

Tara Lynn Townes is a speaker, author, inventor, and mental therapist with 20-plus years of experience assisting children, parents, and families. Leading up to her activism for bullying and app creation, Tara Lynn’s son was a victim of bullying. She decided to make a difference for her son and other children when she learned of this. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are approximately 4,4000 deaths by suicide as a reflection of bullying in the U.S. Tara Lynn has become an expert in her skills to make a difference in these statistics.

 The bullying epidemic is widespread throughout the nation. It has continued to occur within schools and homes, causing a rapid change in communities and concerns for the mental and physical safety of the youth. Aiming to make a difference in lives and communities nationwide, Tara Lynn is working diligently to place her safety app in New Jersey schools and throughout the U.S. The Bullying Buddy app is an interactive tool for parents and children, created to record and alert parents and school administration in real time. If a child is a receiver of bullying, they can utilize the app to upload videos and pictures for their parents to have evidence and adequately intervene. The application also uses text reminders if parents can’t see the alert at the time sent. 

 Aside from the importance of intervening and trying to stop bullying, the app also educates its users with curriculum-based material and tools for identifying a bully in various situations to build awareness for its users. The Bullying Buddy app will show children they are not alone and encourage them to assist in preventing these actions. 

“The Holy Grail Bible To Bullying.”

 In the continued effort to build awareness in schools and households, Tara Lynn is set to release her book Are You Raising a Bully? on March 15, 2023, following a book tour to spread this growing issue causing the loss of so many young children. A New York Times Best-Selling Author calls this book the “Holy Grail and Bible to Bullying.” In this new release, Tara Lynn will discuss bullying, including examples and how to catch bullying in the early stages of a child’s life. 

 “Ages 2-7 are the pre-operational stages of development; this is where it begins to show up in children.”-Tara Lynn Townes.

As a mental therapist with an extensive background with adults, Tara Lynn created STOMP, a new app set to release in 2023 that will address adult bullying, sex trafficking, elderly abuse, and domestic and racial violence. This innovative creation will record and alert authorities as an incident occurs. The beauty of STOMP is that its users can alert up to five family members. 

With her passion for making this world a better and safer place, Tara Lynn must also balance a challenging profession and herself. To continue in this line of work, she mentions how staying grounded and maintaining a healthy spiritual life is how she continues to move forward. 

Tara believes love is the greatest healer; through her work, she wants to represent love and acceptance for all humanity. 

“With love, we will begin to see a place with less violence.”- Tara Lynn Townes.

To learn more about Tara Lynn Townes, visit

CASSIUS F. BUTTS: An Exceptional Moment With An Exceptional Man

To converse with American businessman and two-time presidential appointee, Cassius F. Butts means that you’ll walk away with an abundance of motivation. His intelligence, wit, and charisma are just a few of the things that make him stand out. To avoid being pigeonholed, he always strived to be unconventional—and found creative workarounds to life and educational obstacles. A strong man of faith, he has never  conformed to the status quo. Instead, he believes in following a steady path and trusting in himself rather than societal “norms.”

 Appointed by President Barack Obama, Cassius was the first African-American to earn the seat of Region IV head for the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA). In five record-setting years, he oversaw the distribution of over $30 billion in loans to small businesses in eight southern states. Having worked in various industries, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which he employs effectively in his current positions.

Paying it forward, Cassius has stated on record that his life experiences significantly influenced his entrepreneurial path and his ability to assist numerous entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

“To be exceptional; one must do something for someone other than oneself.” — Cassius, on using his platform to elevate others.

His work for the Democratic and Republican parties tops the list of his career accomplishments, but he’s only scratched the surface!

Looking at his extensive experience on paper, one might assume Cassius has never encountered any obstacles, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. His book debut, Exceptional: Being the Exception to the Rule chronicles his journey through education, career growth and everything in between. During the read, he reveals how he developed the necessary confidence to climb what some would consider an impossible ladder.  

When asked how he stays grounded with such an illustrious repertoire and record-breaking success, he says he thinks about humility, honesty, and letting himself be vulnerable daily. 

 Cassius’s debut book discusses various methods for turning tragedy into triumph and is set for release in Q1, 2023. Leaders in business and those with an entrepreneurial spirit will find great value in this book. Cassius discusses his quest for enlightenment, his wide range of personal experiences, and the faith that informs his daily decisions and actions. With confidence, we know that his book will inspire and motivate readers to go after their dreams and make an impact in the world.

 “It has been my experience that you, as an individual, exist because you have a purpose. What you have to offer has value and meaning, so it stands to reason that others have meaning and purpose too.” —Cassius F. Butts

Cassius Butts’s multi-city tour is scheduled to kick off in Boston in March. 

 To learn more,  visit: www. 

Popular Atlanta Physician Transforms the Lives of Women Everywhere with Free Virtual Star-Studded Wellness Summit

Are you ready to change your life? Then Girl Get Ready for 2k23! Award-winning Atlanta-based  physician Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin has gathered some of the biggest names in health and wellness to deliver the perfect virtual wellness summit for women worldwide— and guess what, it’s free!! 

Getting women ready to excel is nothing new to Dr. Jada as she brings over 20 years of experience, dedicating herself to transforming the lives of many. She is the founder of Atlanta’s holistic, wellness, and weight loss studio, REAL Weight Loss and Wellness and transforms minds, bodies, and lives as a life coach. Dr. Jada is also a best-selling author of her book “Girl Get Ready To Lose The D*** Weight!” As a professional with multiple hats now she is adding philanthropist to her many titles.

In a time where protecting our health is at an all time high, the weight loss specialist and wellness expert expanded her imprint by providing a unique educational and networking experience for women worldwide. 

She founded The Girl Get Ready platform focused on wellness instead of sickness by bringing experts together to empower people to focus on what we could control to be happy, healthy and whole.  The three-day event has gathered some of the best health and wellness experts offering a fun twist on today’s most vital topics. Some esteemed guests include Bravo TV’s  Dr. Heavenly Kimes & Dr. Jackie Walters, OWN TV’s Master Love & Life Coach Rebecca Lynn Pope, Celebrity Stylist Sudi Spence and many more! With topics from weight loss, relationships, business, and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Girl Get Ready 2023 kicks off January 13 with a cozy virtual pajama night where participants will be engaging in a conversation on sexual health with giveaways. The following day features Healthy Happy Haute providing insight on a plethora of important topics. This year, Dr. Jada is spicing up the summit with a paid, exclusive in-person networking brunch for Day 3. The Wealth and Wellness Brunch With The Doctors includes unlimited food and beverages, along with tailored sessions that will inspire, encourage and empower you to “Uplevel your wealth and wellness in 2023!” Proceeds from the brunch will benefit a local Atlanta charity.

Dr. Jada is on record stating, “I want to use this platform to help expand the concept of wellness beyond the physical body and to spread a message of wellbeing in all things and in every aspect of life. We strive to bring a relevant and rewarding experience right to you. With her positivity and passion flowing through her platform she is making a monumental impact to be felt by generations of women to come.


What a way to jumpstart your year!

Follow Dr. Jada on social @DrJadaMD

To register for the FREE Virtual Summit click here

The Thing That Leads To The Thing

“You may be called to do something…but you don’t have to do it forever.”

Dr. Arriel Cymone has accomplished things some of us have never even aspired towards. She’s an accomplished chemist. Earning her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, she has served as a forensic chemist and expert witness for government agencies, trained FBI agents, and worked as an adjunct chemistry professor. “But there was more,” says Dr. Arriel Cymone. “I had done all of these things, and I was happy and blessed, to be sure, but I didn’t feel full. I didn’t feel fulfilled.”

Finding your more

Chemistry was always in the cards for Arriel. After receiving her first chemistry set at seven, she was hooked! She spent her days in the driveway mixing things and documenting the reactions. Once she realized how good at it she was, she dug in deeper, pursuing her passion throughout school and the early parts of her career.

“I wasn’t unhappy. It wasn’t discontentment,” says Arriel when talking about her pivot into becoming a life coach. “One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Twain. He said, ‘the two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.’ I found my purpose, my why.”

And now, she’s teaching others how to find theirs.

As an abundant life coach, Dr. Arriel Cymone combined the analytical skills she learned from her time as a chemist, and her experience in her own journey to finding purpose, to create the Concierge Coaching Laboratory. “In laboratories, we mix things up. In the Concierge Coaching Laboratory, we’ll be mixing up all the things about you and extracting everything holding you back, so you can live a full life, walking in your purpose. This recipe for success provides a personalized approach to your problems so that you feel like the king and queen you are!”

Create the dream life you deserve

Dr. Arriel teaches that your purpose and your dream are not as different as you think. These two things are closely related, and through her concierge services, such as Rise Up And Reign or her From Hoe To Housewife program, she will help you identify both and give you the tools you need to live a richer and more fulfilled life, starting with the life you’re living now.

Dr. Arriel Cymone has done it all, with over 15 years of professional experience and her personal journey toward her purpose, she combines them to help you excel, not just succeed.

Want to visit her website? Click here.

Sitting Down with Media Mogul Kenny Williams Jr.

Meet Kenneth J. Williams Jr., a journalist, host, and cultural commentator for Blavity News, whose work also includes contributing to the coveted Forbes imprints.

Williams takes pride in the fact that most of his writing is on the topic of the LGBTQ+ community, Black women, and the voices of the suppressed. He discusses transparent topics that can impact many lives. 

I think my writing encourages people to show up,” said Williams. 

The artistic writer always knew he wanted to be a superstar. While matriculating through college, Williams worked toward becoming a celebrity publicist. Even with having internships with multiple public relations firms and even through his graduate program, he honed his skills. It wasn’t until he had a horrible experience with a job after graduating, that he realized writing could be used as his therapy.

Williams recalled the time of experiencing “disrespect and discrimination” from his job and no freedom with the way he wanted to write. From there, he started pitching his writing to various media outlets. Blavity News was one of those outlets and that is when he began his work with the platform.

“I want people to know the way I am thinking,” said Williams.

When asked what his ultimate goals were for readers, Williams said he wants to do a good job, and make a positive impact with each piece he pens. He genuinely wants people to visualize the imagery flowing through his writing to understand or get a feel for what he may have been thinking during his writing process. With interviews, Williams wants those who watch to see a different side of each celebrity. He aims for full transparency and a touch of relatability within any celebrity interview. 

With anything, may come some people who may not agree with an opinion stated on a matter, which Williams experiences as a journalist. 

“I love voicing my opinion, and being kind of forced to stand on it,” said Williams.

He seems to have a conscience when dealing with matters in the media, especially to avoid Cancel Culture. In his writing, he tries not to offend anyone by remaining respectful and believing in decorum, appropriateness, and timing. But sometimes, there will be people who disagree or just simply want to troll on social media. Williams said there have been times people “come for him” when he writes about certain cultural happenings.

As a Black man working in the media, Williams feels heavily supported by others, especially Black women. Williams recently got the opportunity to host the NAACP Awards red carpet, and like any human, he felt all of the nerves and jitters before hosting his first red carpet. Two other Black men in the media were very supportive and gave encouraging words to him before getting started. This was a great experience for Williams having support from other Black men and no attempts to tear one another down. 

While he acknowledges that one should always show humility toward upcoming media personalities and journalists. Williams wants them to know that it is alright to approach certain things as if you’re already “that superstar”. During his first celebrity interview, an actress said to him to remove the aspiring and upcoming title and introduce himself as what he is. 

When people see that you are confident in yourself, people will believe that you are confident to work with them or for them,” said Williams. 

The rising media mogul is always looking to bring good vibes to any interview and piece of his writing. In the meantime, Williams is looking forward to all of his future experiences that will continue to mold him. Want to view more of Kenny’s work? Check out his social media platforms and portfolio here!

OWN TV’s Rebecca Lynn Pope Helps Women Take Back Control of their Love Lives!

Women’s empowerment is creating all the buzz on OWN TV’s newest hit series, Marry Me Now! The new impromptu show documents eight potential brides as they prepare to pop the big question to their romantic partners. The Saturday night show chronicles hopeful brides on their quest to get successfully engaged, find a dress, and head to the altar in less than a week. The brides are not alone! That’s where the internationally renowned relationship expert Rebecca Lynn Pope steps in. Pope is a relationship expert headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. She is widely known for her innovative life and love coaching courses and her sensational YouTube platform, where she has gone viral to the tune of millions of channel views.

Growing up, Rebecca was heavily influenced by the ministry with her father being a pastor. After attending the University of Washington, she would get her start as a matchmaker and would later transition into a life and love coach. Her life coaching packages She offered retreats, events, and classes that continually sold out nationwide. She later founded the Godly Girls Club, an organization for women of faith with over 12,000 members globally. Her work has been featured in People Magazine, Fox News Morning Shows, Essence Magazine, iHeart Radio and she also served as a columnist for Black Bride Magazine.

Her imprint gained greater momentum when she started posting relationship advice on YouTube with nearly 100K loyal subscribers (To date, her most viral video Why Women Have Totally Unrealistic Standards for Men, Dating, and Marriage has over 1.7 million views). This is Where she would garner the attention of the OWN Executive Team. Rebecca is on record saying “When they approached me, I had no idea it was an OWN show… When they described the host for the show, it sounded just like me. I could just show up and be myself.” 

Before (and still), Rebecca is the CEO and founder of several global six and seven-figure businesses and brands. She has always loved building businesses and currently coaches spirit-led entrepreneurs on how to create multiple streams of income and scale revenue up.  Pope co-owns Abundant Life Path, with her husband Kerry A. Pope where they have trained 250 plus abundant life coaches.  She is also the CEO of the Abundant Life Path Coaching Certification program and- Millionaire Coach branding and marketing company aptly titled, called the Millionaire Coach. Her best-seller Love and Dating in the 21st Century: A Godly Girl’s Guide is a raw and real guide about why relationships have become so complicated and how anyone can successfully navigate dating and love.

For those yearning for a healthy relationship, Rebecca says “the work won’t be easy, but getting real with yourself and facing your issues head-on will make you a better partner and will help you attract better quality partners.”

Want more? You can catch Rebecca giving her expertise on  Marry Me Now every Saturday at 9 PM EST on the OWN and Discovery+ networks.

Show the love doctor some love Also you can find her on social media @rebeccalynnpope. Subscribe to YouTube Channel HERE!

Successful Relationship Coaches and R&B Icons Strengthen Marriages through Walking

When building relationships, building a bond that lasts the test of time is the ultimate end goal. This bond is important because it is the foundation of the family and sets the standard moving forward. Those are the same reasons the Married For Life Walk was founded. Founded by Professional Life & Marriage Coach Martez & Woodrina Layton, LPC and R&B Icons and Power couple, Ronnie and Shamari DeVoe, the movement is moving into its 5th successful year of helping couples of different ethnicity, and backgrounds to build strong marriage relationships.”

This Marriage Movement was inspired by the founders’ own fight for their love. Martez states,  “Being a man full of faith,  he heard the spirit of the Lord speak to his heart by instructing him, “to hold Woodrina’s hand each day and simply walk and talk with her.” Over time this built an empowering bond of which they saw results. Today, they have been married for nearly 30 years. 

Married 4 Life Walk is a two-day event where couples will connect, share, and stand with one another in the name of love.  The M4LW Experience advocates for the importance of professional marriage coaching and counseling in relationships for prevention and to help couples navigate through challenging times. The movement is important because it combats the increasing divorce rate. Co-Founder Woodrina Layton states the M4LW helps to correct the course of failing marriages by equipping couples with practical tools that they can use in their relationship to build their emotional intimacy with one another and strengthen their marital bond. 

Having faced their own obstacles, Ronnie DeVoe (New Edition) and Shamari DeVoe (Blaque, and Encore on BET), decided to seek guidance from the Laytons. After successful coaching and understanding the importance of having a solid partner firsthand, they decided to join the Married 4 Life Walk movement as vision partners. 

Not only does the movement improve relationships, but it also strengthens entire families. Founder Martez Layton CPC finds that a healthy two-parent household benefits the family dynamic in many ways. One major benefit is being able to have combined resources of emotional support, financial support, and energy needed to raise children and to deal with the stressors and challenges of family life. It provides the opportunity for no parent or child to feel neglected or have feelings of low self-esteem. A healthy two-parent household also provides an environment that builds teamwork, unity, and acceptance for both parent and child.

The event begins with The Couples Conversation & Love Celebration where couples come together and network. It is followed by relationship enrichment while they enjoy DJ, dancing, a special performance by Ronnie & Shamari DeVoe, and more!. The goal is to start the weekend off with learning, having fun and celebrating your love, and remembering to “Never Let Go Of The Hand You Are Holding. The following Saturday, couples will participate in the 2-mile unity walk symbolizing their unity.  While holding hands during the 2-mile walk, couples experience firsthand the importance and benefits of taking time in their relationship to hold hands and walk together.

The 5th annual Married 4 Life Walk kicks off on April 22, 2022. Interested couples can learn more and register now at Also, keep up with all the Married 4 Life Walk updates @married4lifewalk on Instagram and Facebook.

Mercedes Johnson Goes Viral for Ripping the Band-aid off of Salary Negotiation

What seemed like a simple learning ‘lesson’ on Facebook would turn into a worldwide uproar on social media for Mercedes Johnson. A simple post she made on her lunch break would change her entire life in only two hours. The post that originated on Facebook found its way onto Twitter, Reddit, and several social platforms—which opened up an explicit discussion on salary negotiation and the public’s sentiments about recruiters. 

Mercedes Johnson, who describes herself as a family-oriented, fun-loving faithfluencer, was offered a position in recruiting fresh out of high school and was able to work her way up fast through the ranks. The freelance recruiter would go on to work for some of the most prestigious corporations offering her expertise as a liaison within the hiring process.

The talent acquisition consultant that once lived a quiet life would soon garner the attention of the world with her controversial insight into salary negotiation. Her post (pictured left) would go on to explain how she gave a candidate what she offered versus what the budget allowed- which left a bad taste in the mouths of many. The post would go on to receive 35k+ retweets, 215k+ likes, and 2332K+ comments after the comment made its way from platform to platform and country to country. 

The conversation opened the door for various perspectives on the topic among those who were upset that she allegedly “lowballed” the candidate, while others felt that accountability shouldn’t have been solely based on Mercedes, and she should not be attacked for her opinionated social post. There were also plenty of stories told of those who were triggered by the situation. This backlash would cause the freelancer to be a social media outcast and lose various corporate contracts.

Mercedes Johnson, Corporate Talent Acquisition Consultant

Within a short period of time, she issued a statement in an attempt to provide clarification, but many still were not pleased. In the post, she states, “The purpose of that post was to empower others to not end up like this particular candidate. I want people to know their worth.” Since then, Mercedes has offered an exclusive interview via her YouTube Channel addressing the controversy. Her goal was to “shed light on the intent of the post, clean up inaccuracies, and  ultimately to clear the air.

The video has helped turn some of the chatter in a different direction, but there are individuals that are still not pleased that continue to brutalize Mercedes through commentary about her size, perceived lack of experience, and other irrelevant subjects. It is on record that one unhappy follower posted her home address, prompting hundreds of letters arriving at her door. 

For Mercedes, there is hope that everyone can learn and grow from the situation and that candidates have more insight into the hiring process so that they can advocate for themselves. She insists that she has taken all of the commentaries into account and is processing the experience as a learning experience through the rest of her twenties. 

View the full interview here: Mercedes Johnson Formally Addressing The viral Social Media Post!

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