Meet Travelsist, Your Safe and Seamless Airport Companion

Imagine a travel experience where every step, from arrival to departure, is seamlessly orchestrated just for you. That’s the vision driving Travelsist, the leading airline concierge service that’s been making waves in the industry and is now gearing up to steal the spotlight on one of tech’s grandest stages.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Dino Decespedes, the Head of Product and Marketing Lead at Travelsist. He’s the mastermind behind the company’s strategy development, product features, and user experience, not to mention his instrumental role in introducing Travelsist to both consumers and enterprise giants, including airports and airlines. Dino revealed to us the remarkable story behind this groundbreaking service.

It all began with Veronica Woodruff, the Founder and CEO of Travelsist, who, as an avid traveler herself, intimately understood the hassles that often come with navigating air travel. Her passion for improving the traveler’s journey led her to launch Travelsist, initially as a baby gear provider before blossoming into a full-service travel concierge. Travelsist is now the go-to partner for anyone seeking a hassle-free airport experience, from arrival to departure.

Based in Atlanta, this trailblazing company prides itself on offering a wide array of services catering to various needs. Whether you’re a traveler in a wheelchair, a family with young children, someone with special requirements, struggling with wayfinding, a senior traveler, or wanting a premium VIP experience, Travelsist is your trusted companion.

Currently serving two major Atlanta airports, Hartsfield-Jackson and Peachtree-Dekalb, Travelsist has set its sights on expansion. The team is actively exploring partnerships with other airports and airlines, eager to bring their transformative services to a broader audience.

User testimonials have poured in, praising Travelsist’s ability to help conquer physical, mental, and emotional travel challenges. The company’s commitment to providing a seamless journey is nothing short of remarkable.

But that’s not all! Travelsist is set to take the tech world by storm as one of the 200 companies competing in the prestigious TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200. Dino expressed his excitement, saying, “To be recognized for what we built and the potential of the company and what we may be able to do in regard to the airport experience, it’s a really great feeling.”

Their story doesn’t end there. Travelsist is one of only three Atlanta-based companies invited to TechCrunch Disrupt, where Atlanta Mayor Dickens herself will be in attendance. Attendees can look forward to an exclusive sneak peek at Travelsist’s upcoming Artificial Intelligence integration, designed to provide real-time assistance to travelers.

Discover a new era of hassle-free travel with Travelsist  by visiting their website, connecting with them on LinkedIn, and downloading their official app on iOS. 

Leading with Vision, Serving With Heart: Dele Lowman’s Road to Future Mayor of Stonecrest

Dele Lowman is one of the most prominent leaders running for mayor in the city of Stonecrest, GA. Her extensive background in public management and inclusive policy development mixed with her commitment to community welfare are propelling her forward as she is poised to serve at Stonecrest’s highest level of leadership. With elections being held in November, Lowman is determined to raise the bar for her community.

Born to Lead

This fierce visionary and community builder has always been driven to lead stemming all the way back to her upbringing. Her parents instilled the importance of activism alongside her grandfather who was an renowned activist during the Civil Rights Era. Dele fueled her appetite for leadership as an FAMU graduate and an MPA holder.  She began her career in leadership guiding  local governments in the State of Florida and worked in Metro Atlanta before working as Assistant City Manager in North Carolina.

After returning to Atlanta in 2014, she settled in what would become one of Atlanta’s newest, most affluent African American cities. Being a progressive resident, Dele immediately stepped up to address needs in the community and county. Some of her most notable roles include Chair of the DeKalb County Board of Registration & Elections and founding President of the Stonecrest Citizens’ Coalition (SCC). She also is an active volunteer at the local Browns Mill Elementary School.

Raising the Bar

As a respected resident in Stonecrest, Dele’s guidance is one that has been admired by many, which prompted her to run for office. Since the city’s founding in 2017, she states tThe leadership has not been able to meet the expectations of the residents, which has contributed to their concerns. Her ability to lead and serve resonated with many community leaders and citizens who convinced her to enter the race.

With continuous leadership research and training, Dele knows that her previous role have equipped her with vital qualifications such as a deep level of understanding, serving, curiosity, collaboration– all of which are needed when creating effective change.

A Stronger Stonecrest

Dele breaks her vision down into two simple yet profound parts to building an ideal community. She hopes to lay a firm foundation and ethical governance for the new community’s future success which includes: 

  • Helping  establish a stable citizen centered government: She shares that Stonecrest’s need talented professionals who are responsive with a deep understanding and commitment to their role.
  • Displaying ethical, transparent elected leadership- Residents deserve effective, responsive, empathetic, leaders who have their best interest in mind.
  • Cultivating community with shared values and vision: As a newer community, there is still progress to be had to create unity among Stonecrest citizens.

Also, she wants to enhance the city’s quality of life by: 

  • Creating a vibrant economy with a strong commercial base to sustain the city with tax and revenue which will also benefit citizens.
  • Make Stonecrest a preferred employer among local governments by creating the correct environment in city hall that transcends throughout the city.

Dele Lowman for Stonecrest Mayor

At her recent campaign launch, Dele brought a sense of unity as she  shared her mission with the Stonecrest Community at her recent campaign launch at Belinda’s Southern Cuisine on August 28, 2023. Residents gained their first insight on Dele’s vision as future mayor of Stonecrest. They were also able to network with fellow residents and leaders, sharing their unified hopes for the city.

The Beauty of it all

 Dele  shares that she loves being surrounded by her people who are successful and flourishing.  She also finds beauty in the city’s rich culture and nature, Arabia Mountain, and the network of trails. It gives her a sense of safety and belonging which she hopes to help every Stonecrest citizen feel.

To keep up with Dele’s campaign follow her on social media @delelowman and visit her website:

GlamRUs Salon Suites Grand Opening: A Celebration of Elegance and Empowerment

Saturday, August 26th, 2023, the grand opening of GlamRUs Salon Suites unveiled a new era of luxury and empowerment in the beauty industry. Timika Gaten, a veteran of the hair industry, and owner of GlamRUs Salon Suites has transformed her dream into a reality, offering a haven where beauty, self care, and self expression converge. 

(Photo Credits: Freddy O)

GlamRUs Salon Suites, located in Marietta, Georgia, is more than just a beauty salon. As one steps through the doors, the ambiance instantly brings you into a state of tranquility. The attention to detail is a testament to Timika’s dedication to offering a premium experience. Every room, wall, table, and shelf is adorned with beautiful sculptures, plants, and vases, creating an atmosphere that screams of luxury, elegance, and comfort. 

The grand opening was a warm mix and mingle with approximately 50 guests in attendance, all of whom share the same admiration and support for Timika’s journey. The evening was filled with laughter, music, and awe as the attendees explored the interior of the salon. Guests also received goodie glam bags from amazing sponsors including EmBeba, Kyvan Body Essentials, Ruby Sampson and, while enjoying cocktails sponsored by Greenwood Whiskey.

The official launch of GlamRUs was marked with a ribbon cutting ceremony, which was the highlight of the evening’s festivities. Timika Gaten, alongside her co-owners, snipped the ribbon, they were all smiles as they look forward to this new chapter.

GlamRUs caters to a diverse range of beauty needs, providing services that span from hair, nails, eyelashes, makeup, and esthetics. Timika’s vision in creating an all-encompassing beauty destination will set a new standard in the beauty industry. With a team of skilled professionals, GlamRUs will pamper its clients and bring their beauty aspirations to life. 

Timika understands the importance of not only creating a space for women to feel good about themselves but also providing a space where talent can flourish and potential can be showcased. 

To learn more about GlamRUs and Timika:



A New Era of Glamour: How Timika Gaten is Transforming Cobb County with GlamRUs Salon Suites

In the dynamic world of beauty and business, God-fearing mother and entrepreneur Timika Gaten emerges as a true trailblazer as the founder and managing member of GlamRUs Salon Suites. Her lifelong love for hair and makeup would land her as the owner of one of Atlanta’s most respected beauty hubs for over a decade. Now, Gaten is leveraging her success in a new part of town with a new look.

Since her adolescence, Timika’s fascination with hair and makeup ignited a lifelong passion. This talent would become her roadmap to success following her formal training at the prestigious Paul Mitchell beauty school and her subsequent relocation to Atlanta. Timika’s entrepreneurial spirit found its vibrant footing in The Weave Loft, a popular beauty salon in downtown Atlanta, which she proudly owned for 14 years.

Guided by an innate sense of opportunity, she ventured into Marietta, drawn to a remarkable building that would soon become the sanctuary of GlamRUs Salon Suites. The beauty industry’s evolution to flexible salon suites aligned seamlessly with Timika’s vision. This spacious and strategically located structure, nestled within Cobb County, holds an opportunity for the local  beauty market, which has remained virtually untapped.

As a full-service beauty servicer, residents can look forward to services from hair styling and makeup to facials, nails, and everything in between, enriched further by a curated retail space showcasing GlamRUs’ exclusive hair and styling tools. For beauty professionals looking for an upscale work environment, GlamRUs offers various space partnership opportunities from traditional booth rentals to fully customized suites. The luxurious 7,000 sq. ft. facility also doubles as a content house, allowing creatives to enhance their platforms.

At the heart of Timika’s vision lies empowerment. Each beauty professional entering GlamRUs receives unwavering support, resources, and expert guidance, an embodiment of Timika’s commitment to propel their individual brands to greater heights. Her philosophy is simple yet profound: “Hard work pays off, but you have to do your due diligence, pay it forward, and build those relationships.”

With the grand opening on August 26, 2023, beauty enthusiasts across the spectrum can embrace a new era of glamour and sophistication. Timika Gaten’s journey is not just a testament to her unwavering spirit, but an inspiration for generations to come.

Learn more about GlamRUs:


PlayersTV Curates The Ultimate Athlete Streaming Network with Partnerships from Amazon and Russell Wilson

PlayersTV has created the ultimate streaming playing field for athletes with their revolutionary TV Network. Their groundbreaking platform has already garnered the likes of professional athletes across the NFL, NBA, WNBA, and MLB franchises; And now they’re upping the score with a new distribution partnership with Amazon and Russell Wilson. These prestigious entities took the NBA Summer League 2023 by storm for the historic announcement featuring Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Kyrie Irving, Deandre Jordan, and Vernon Davis.

(Photo Credits: Bryan Steffy/ Getty Images)

Founded by Deron Guidrey and Collin Castellaw, PlayersTV is a BY ATHLETES FOR THE FANS network showcasing athlete lifestyle and culture content. Their content shows the lives of athletes inside and outside of the game. With genres ranging from cooking, comedy, and documentaries to business, original series, and everything in between, pro athletes are sure to keep their fans entertained.

At the exclusive panel and press conference event in Vegas, Vernon Davis was a riveting host, alongside PlayersTV executives Deron and Collin– showing the audience a strong united front with their historic announcement. Shetellia Riley Irving dazzled the audience with her powerful presence as an  American American Woman making impact in a male-dominated industry

(Photo Credits: Bryan Steffy/ Getty Images)

Russell Wilson shared his joy as the newest athlete investor for PlayersTV with his production company Why Not You Productions?

The world-renowned channel Amazon Prime now welcomes PlayersTV their family. In their partnership, distributes unrivaled access to PlayersTV 24/7 athlete-exclusive content. PlayersTV also welcomes Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson and his production company, Why Not You Productions. With a current Amazon Studios partnership, Wilson is now amplifying his reach with PlayersTV.

These partnerships elevate the PlayersTV mission “to showcase the human side of sports through captivating storytelling,” allowing them to reach millions of Amazon Prime Video subscribers across the globe.

With an official launch date later this summer, viewers will receive a curated collection of sports programming, offering a fresh perspective on the sports industry and its impact on athletes, communities, and society.

Read the full announcement here!

For more on PlayersTV, visit


Matte Collection Unveils Jaw-Dropping Swimsuit Creations at PARAISO Miami Beach

Imagine being in the vibrant energy of Miami, with the soothing sound of waves crashing on the sandy shores and the fashionistas gathering to witness a spectacle of style and creativity.  Matte Collection would create this ambiance at their ethereal all-white wonderland, PARAISO Swim Week presentation.

As the show commenced, harmonious melodies from a soulful choir echoed through the air, serenading the audience throughout the event. The 150 attendees eagerly waited to witness the latest from Matte Collection.

 Their presentation showcased a mesmerizing array of bold and abstract designs, complemented by luxury resort wear- all exuding the signature Matte Collection sophistication and charm. Their striking abstract prints and eye-catching color combinations left everyone in awe.

 Matte Collection Founder Justina shared her creative insight into the collections. On record, she shares, Through the Abstract Collection, I wanted to feature styles that are elusive, poetic, and imaginative; rather than representational.

Matte Collection would also reveal their versatile Resort Collection featuring a stunning array of knit dresses, perfect for a day at the beach or a night on the town.

To top it off, they revealed the exclusive Flowers in Bloom Collection. True to the Matte Collection essence, this line added an exquisite rose detail to the front of their swimsuits, infusing a touch of romance and allure.

The best part? The Abstract Isle and Resort Collections are already available on their website, with the Flowers in Bloom Collection coming soon. If you want to elevate your beachwear game or make a statement this summer, you know where to find the most exquisite pieces!

For more on Matte Collection and to shop the latest collections, visit and follow their social media @MatteCollection.

A Night of Inspiration and Unveiling: Judge Terrinee Gundy’s Book Cover Reveal for “The Daughter of A Junkie: A True Love Story”

The enchanting High Society venue in Atlanta’s premier Buckhead area came alive on Monday, July 17, 2023, as esteemed author and Municipal Court Judge, Terrinee Gundy unveiled the much-anticipated cover for her debut memoir, “The Daughter of A Junkie: A True Love Story.” The event, hosted by Bravo TV’s Dr. Jackie Walters, M.D. was filled with raw emotion, inspiring stories, and appearances by prominent guests, including the 59th Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, renowned TV personality Dr. Heavenly Kimes, celebrity stylist Tameka Foster, Commissioner Natalie Hall and many more. 

Judge Terrinee Gundy’s memoir has been a topic of curiosity since its announcement, and the book cover reveals proved to be a memorable occasion that exceeded all expectations. The event was a testament to the resilience and strength reflected in her narrative, as the audience was taken on an emotional journey through the pages of her life.

The elegant evening began with excitement and anticipation as guests gathered to support Judge Gundy in her latest endeavor. Former mayor Reed who wrote the foreword recognized Judge Gundy’s impact on the community through her work as a Municipal Court Judge and as an inspirational figure.

As the night began, Dr. Jackie took the stage as the event’s host with charisma and warmth. A well-respected OB/GYN and fan-favorite cast member of “Married to Medicine,” Dr. Walters admired Judge Gundy’s courage and vulnerability in sharing her journey.

Judge Terrinee, a figure of grace and poise, took to the stage with gratitude and humility, expressing her deep appreciation for the support she’s received throughout her writing journey and life. 

The moment finally arrived, and the veil was lifted to showcase “The Daughter of A Junkie: A True Love Story” official cover. The image, capturing the raw vulnerability and strength in Judge Gundy’s eyes, left the audience in awe. The cover echoed a tale of resilience, survival, and unbreakable familial bonds.

Throughout the night, Gundy and Walters engaged in an intimate discussion reflecting on the memoir’s powerful themes and messages—sparking profound dialogue that resonated with everyone present.

As Judge Gundy’s journey of strength and resilience continues to inspire, it is evident that her memoir will leave an indelible mark on the literary world.

For more information about Judge Terrinee Gundy and to pre-order her memoir, “The Daughter of A Junkie: A True Love Story,” visit

Breaking the Silence: How The Fibroid Pandemic is Helping Women Save Their Wombs

Fibroids are mysterious growth that affects women as early as age 15 and affect Black women 3x more than other ethnicities. With an unknown cause, many women may not know where to turn which is why advocate LaToya Dwight uses her intersectionality of insurance expertise and a personal fibroid journey to help others save their uterus through her platform The Fibroid Pandemic. With their second annual Run F.A.R 5K Walk/Run and panel discussion on July 14-15, 2023, is helping women take ownership of their bodies. 

 Fighting A Silent Epidemic

The Fibroid Pandemic Founder LaToya Dwight’s Fibroid journey was an unexpected one after a routine check-up with her OB/GYN. She vividly recalls going in for her contraception maintenance, when her doctor couldn’t locate her IUD. After being referred to an ultrasound specialist, not only did they find her IUD, but they found fibroids. She later found herself taken aback after her doctor failed to educate her on her diagnosis and quickly recommended a hysterectomy.

After a separate visit to get her IUD replaced, she started to hemorrhage during the procedure; and again, without proper care from her physician, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She would try different diets, yoga, breathing exercises, and other holistic practices and research other treatments before she found a solution that would work best for her– Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE), also referred to as uterine artery embolization. LaToya explains it’s a procedure consisting of cutting the blood supply to the artery that feeds the fibroid. 

Her Calling 

The testimony she shared on her Facebook would go on to spark a movement after she received an influx of engagement from others who have or know someone who had a battle with fibroids. LaToya shares she felt a sense of discernment and knew it was something bigger than herself. She went on to brainstorm with her husband and later consulted with a friend who helped her realize her mission rather quickly. LaToya states, “I knew that I was supposed to help humans with a uterus by providing tools and resources for them to make their own decision on what they feel is in their best interest …I knew no matter which way I went it would be led by God.”’

The Fibroid Pandemic: A Stride Towards Awareness

Founded in 2020, The Fibroid Pandemic is a resource community dedicated to helping Black Women living with uterine fibroids. The holistic platform provides women with natural products and foods as well as connects them with healthcare providers to help assist on their fibroid healing journey. LaToya is big on interactive education, and she provides several masterclasses and events throughout the year– including their highly praised annual Run F.A.R. 5K Run/Walk. 

July: Fibroid Awareness Month

The debut event became the first fibroid 5K walk/run in North America, garnering twenty-five sponsorships from major companies including Radio One, The Honey Pot Co., and New York Life. The success of the event is continuing this July.

The two-day event features The Fibroid Brunch Panel Discussion featuring ten health and wellness experts providing sound solutions and remedies for healing oneself on July 14th and the Run F.A.R. 5K Run/Walk happening on July 15th. Participants can join in person or virtually with a self-guided 5K. Others can give registration to others or be a ghost or phantom participant who registers without participating. No matter how you decide to participate, everyone will receive a t-shirt and participation medal.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Pad The Pandemic, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit created to help eliminate period poverty and unnecessary hysterectomies.

LaToya’s Mark

She wants people to remember her passion and how she made them feel when they could relate to her and her fibroid journey. “I want people to remember that I am a relentless fibroid advocate, and I’ll do it to the day I die as long as God guides my steps.” 


Learn more about the Fibroid Pandemic below:




Sonder Health Plans Optimistic About Entering Savannah Market

Sonder Health Plans Hosts Introduction Reception for Prominent Community Figures in Savannah to Discuss the State of Healthcare 

Georgia’s premier health insurance company, Sonder Health Plans hosted a Market Introduction Reception in the Savannah community on May 17th at the Thompson Hotel Savannah. The meeting was led by CEO Suzanna Roberts, Sonder executives, and respected Savannah native Chauncey Mayfield Sr.

This successful event was curated with the hopes of informing prominent figures, medical professionals, community tastemakers, and other influential Savannah professionals of the Sonder imprint, possibly servicing the metro area in the future.

During the reception, Sonder Health Plans delved into the state of healthcare for Georgia seniors. They addressed heart health, diabetes, and shared their mission of protecting the health of Georgians statewide. 

CEO, Suzanna Roberts expressed excitement at the possibility of becoming a trusted healthcare partner in the community. She’s confident that if they are approved to enter the market, thousands of seniors would benefit greatly from the comprehensive plans and “extraordinary savings Sonder provides its citizens.” 

 “Providing Exceptional Care for Georgia’s Seniors”

 Sonder is dedicated to creating plans focusing on chronic conditions and affordable monthly benefits to keep their members healthy. With a goal to improve overall health and well-being and a vision to make healthcare “simple, personal and affordable,” Sonder is committed to unmatchable value.

With some plans boasting $0 premiums, specialty copays, and 24/7 nurse hotlines, Sonder is on its way to rivaling larger health plan providers. 

Savannah was their kick-off to statewide information sessions. Roberts and team are working diligently, continuing to raise awareness for the corporation. 

To learn more about Sonder’s insurance plans for Georgia’s Seniors, visit:

A Star-Studded Evening of Black Excellence

Louisiana’s St. John the Baptist Parish was home to the 2023 Power of Influence Awards. A star-studded night of excellence, camaraderie, and inspiration, the evening did not disappoint. 

Founded by entertainment mogul Byron Clay, the 2nd annual award ceremony honored several change-makers in multiple sectors. Held in LaPlace at the beautiful Belle Terre Country Club, the Hollywood-themed event venue overlooked captivating greenery and serene waters. The captivating views rival the most striking postcards.  

(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Annually, the Power of Influence Awards highlights global leaders who exemplify excellence in arts, music, sports, advocacy, and philanthropy. The celebration was co-hosted by an incomparable duo, actor Miguel Nuñez Jr. and radio personality Janet Jackson. They kept the momentum high as each presenter uplifted the many influential people of color across television, music, sports, politics, media, philanthropy, literature, and film. 

Power of Influence International founder, Byron Clay aims to inspire, educate, and provide hope that there are people like himself that are a voice for the voiceless. This special night was dedicated to the likes of Percy “Master P” Miller, Grammy Nominated Artist Bobby Valentino, Grammy Awards Winning musician PJ Morton, Actor Clyde Jones, Boxing Legend Zab Judah, Judge Sheva Sims, Sheriff Mike Tregre, John Marshall Jones & Pastor Samuel Mamou. These movers and shakers, in their own right, have dedicated their knowledge and expertise to giving back to their communities in many ways. 

Honoree Nicole Ward was awarded for her health and wellness work and dedication to heart education and wellness presented by her 2 beloved sons. Honoree Todd Bridges was awarded for his dedication to community service, Honoree Syrita Steib was awarded for her activism and advocacy as a changemaker for incarcerated women, Grammy-nominated singer  Bobby Valentino was awarded the Humanitarian award for his efforts to feed the homeless and help kids through college in Atlanta and across the nation. 

(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Honoree Zab Judah was awarded the Leadership and Excellence in Sports for his philanthropy and activism in sports, New Orleans native and Honoree Carrie Henry received the Spotlight Award for her charitable and giving spirit through her Be Creative Kids Organization and Percy “Master P” Miller was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to him by Mia X, for his continued dedication and innovation in music, sports and now the food industry. The list of iconic honorees goes on, and so will the legacy of the Power of Influence Awards.

Each honoree was presented with a luxe crystal award to commemorate their contribution. 

The Power of Influence honoree brunch was hosted at the lovely B Spot NOLA restaurant owned by honoree, Carrie Henry. The extensive menu provided each guest with a taste of New Orleans culture and unique drinks to match.

To learn more about the honorees and attend the Power of Influence International organization, visit,

Honoree gift bags were sponsored by: Kevin Body EssentialsJamies Farm New York, NXT NOIR, and STARSOUL


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