Anisha Grimmett: Crafting Style and Empowerment with a New Look by Nisha 

From a young age, Anisha Grimmett was immersed in the world of fashion, a passion inspired by her mother, who often sewed and created clothes with a unique sense of style and creativity. This early exposure laid the foundation for what would later become her career as a personal stylist and founder of “A New Look by Nisha.”

Rediscovering Fashion through Career Guidance

 Anisha Grimmett’s journey to becoming a personal stylist wasn’t immediate. She began her career in engineering, then transitioned to the nonprofit sector, where she focused on college and career readiness. While guiding students toward their future careers, she often discussed the importance of pursuing one’s passions and hobbies. It was during these conversations that Anisha rediscovered her passion for fashion, realizing how much she enjoyed creating unique looks and connecting with others who shared her enthusiasm for style.

Corporate Experience and Personal Style 

With over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Anisha understood the balance between professional appearance and personal style. She emphasized that working in corporate America doesn’t mean sacrificing individuality. This belief became a cornerstone of her approach to styling, where she encouraged clients to embrace their style, even in professional settings.

This blend of corporate experience and a passion for fashion prompted Anisha to explore what it takes to become a personal stylist. Through extensive research and training, she began focusing on career women and those seeking to advance in life. Her unique background in engineering, management, and HR provided her with the skills to guide clients in discovering their style and using it to fuel their sense of purpose and passion.

Building a New Look by Nisha

Anisha’s process with clients goes beyond selecting outfits. She takes them on a journey of self-discovery, helping them set and refine goals that align with their style and aspirations. Over a 6-8 week period, she works with clients to identify what success looks like for them and how their clothing choices can support their ambitions.

Anisha’s commitment to her craft is evident in her ongoing pursuit of knowledge and growth. She has a mentor, attends mastermind classes, and participates in various networking opportunities to expand her understanding of the latest trends. She also joins different groups to stay current on fashion and styling techniques, ensuring she delivers the best possible experience to her clients.

Anisha Grimmett’s journey from a young fashion enthusiast to a respected personal stylist is a testament to her dedication, creativity, and passion. Through “A New Look by Nisha,” she empowers women to embrace their unique style and use it as a tool for personal and professional growth. Her work is not just about clothes; it’s about inspiring confidence and enabling women to reach their fullest potential.


To learn more about A New Look by Nisha, visit 

Instagram: @anewlookbynisha 


From Real Housewives to Runway Royalty: Princess Banton-Lofters Takes Fashion by Storm with Dillard’s Collaboration!

Amidst the vibrant aura of Atlantic Station, a night of opulence and style unfolded as Princess Banton-Lofters, the illustrious mind behind the iconic “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” revealed her clothing line in an exclusive partnership with Dillard’s. The event glitters with her signature style, a dazzling ode to her television prowess and fashion mastery, leaving an indelible mark. 

 The visionary partnership between Princess and Dillard’s showcased an exquisite collection of custom pieces, each a fusion of sophistication and innovation, reflecting the royal essence she’s known for. Her transition from television to the runway was seamless, complimenting her multifaceted talent and determination to craft a distinctive fashion narrative.

The night shimmered with star power such as Toccara Jones, the esteemed figure from “America’s Next Top Model,” graced the runway, accentuating the glamor and elegance woven into the meticulously crafted garments. 

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 05: Toccara Jones, Gocha Hawkins, Malaysia Pargo, and Tameka Foster attend as Producing Princesse’s Dillards Fashion Experience at Dillard’s at Atlantic Station on December 05, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Derek White/Getty Images)

The guest list boasted a constellation of luminaries from the entertainment world. R&B sensation Bobby Valentino, the graceful Malaysia Pargo from “Basketball Wives,” and the esteemed Latavia Roberson from the iconic Destiny’s Child were among the attendees, adding sparkle to an already glittering affair.

 Noteworthy was the presence of Deshawn Snow, a beloved figure from the inaugural season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” alongside luminaries such as Teressa Hardy, Tameka Foster, and Restaurateur Gocha Hawkins. Their attendance honored the event and the timeless allure of Princess Banton-Lofters’ contributions to television and the world of fashion.

Throughout the applause and admiration, whispers of Princess’s upcoming venture on WE TV, Bold and Boujie, circled the atmosphere, this series is an upcoming production that aims to captivate audiences with its magnificence and flair.

To learn more about Princess Banton-Lofters and her collaborations with Dillard’s, follow her on social media @producerprincess.

Matte Collection Unveils Jaw-Dropping Swimsuit Creations at PARAISO Miami Beach

Imagine being in the vibrant energy of Miami, with the soothing sound of waves crashing on the sandy shores and the fashionistas gathering to witness a spectacle of style and creativity.  Matte Collection would create this ambiance at their ethereal all-white wonderland, PARAISO Swim Week presentation.

As the show commenced, harmonious melodies from a soulful choir echoed through the air, serenading the audience throughout the event. The 150 attendees eagerly waited to witness the latest from Matte Collection.

 Their presentation showcased a mesmerizing array of bold and abstract designs, complemented by luxury resort wear- all exuding the signature Matte Collection sophistication and charm. Their striking abstract prints and eye-catching color combinations left everyone in awe.

 Matte Collection Founder Justina shared her creative insight into the collections. On record, she shares, Through the Abstract Collection, I wanted to feature styles that are elusive, poetic, and imaginative; rather than representational.

Matte Collection would also reveal their versatile Resort Collection featuring a stunning array of knit dresses, perfect for a day at the beach or a night on the town.

To top it off, they revealed the exclusive Flowers in Bloom Collection. True to the Matte Collection essence, this line added an exquisite rose detail to the front of their swimsuits, infusing a touch of romance and allure.

The best part? The Abstract Isle and Resort Collections are already available on their website, with the Flowers in Bloom Collection coming soon. If you want to elevate your beachwear game or make a statement this summer, you know where to find the most exquisite pieces!

For more on Matte Collection and to shop the latest collections, visit and follow their social media @MatteCollection.

Clothing Brand, Initiated Apparel Launches Globally On October 14th

Mark your calendars everyone! Atlanta-based clothing brand,  Initiated Apparel will launch its anticipated first collection via a pre-sale launch Friday, October 14th. The self-empowering focused brand has its sights set on uplifting the self-love movement by combining unique designs while radiating positivity through messaging. “Initiate your higher self, ignite your mind” is the company’s motto.

The mission of Initiated Apparel is dedicated to providing quality clothing with timeless, positive messaging and visual appeal. The initial drop will feature hoodies, T-shirts, and athletic wear. Founder and CEO Kareen Thomas was inspired to start the brand after recognizing the negative mental toll the global health pandemic had on the ‘human experience’.

He states “After making it to the bright side of my own self-improvement journey, I realized that self-encouragement and belief in my own abilities were essential fundamentals to activating an elevated life. I want to help ignite this fire in others.”

The brand strives to initiate greatness, enlightenment, and self-belief to their consumers. CEO Thomas plans to expand the brand to incorporate additional signature and custom items in 2023.

Follow @initiatedapparel on social for up-to-date designs, merch drop dates, and promotions.

Matte Collections Stuns Miami Swim Week with Confidence Collection

This past weekend Matte Collection had their exclusive show at Miami Swim Week in nothing less of course than the iconic Versace Mansion. The brand’s campaign featured on the runway was centered on body confidence with hip-hop royalty socialite, Angela Simmons starring in the show. Admiration and praise were all that the audience had for the extraordinary night.

Founded by designer Justina M., Matte Collection stole the hearts of everyone at the yearly gathering of the world’s best summer wear brands. The successful show is fresh off the heels of the company’s global Confidence Campaign, also featuring Simmons. 

Joining Simmons on the runway were rapper JT, of the City Girls duo, content creator Achieng Agutu, and influencer Ari Fletcher. The models flew down the runway in shades of green, purple, and orange swimwear and coverups while strutting self-love.

The Confidence Campaign features models with different body types and embraces diversity. Addressing the inspiration behind the creation of the Confidence Campaign in an in-depth interview with, Justina McKee said, “I want to make sure that every woman feels sexy, beautiful, and confident while spending time at the pool and on the beach. Everybody deserves that!” The Founder of Matte Collection then elaborated that the campaign is all about women “embracing” the body they have, and “owning it.”

Embracing the campaign, Angela Simmons made a splash and posted her unedited bathing suit pics on social media. Simmons became a trending topic after the photos from the annual event, showing off her body made their way around the internet. Many praised and applauded her honesty and openness when many in the spotlight shy away from it. 

Some of the major stars that were in attendance were Mary Fitzgerald from Selling Sunsets, singer and influencer Malu Trevejo, and  Rapper Toli. While the show wrapped, the after-party continued in full force with VIP guest, DJ Khaled spinning into the night. Guests danced, toasted and enjoyed the week’s most memorable installation!

For more on Matte Collection, follow their sizzling IG: @MatteCollection

10 Black-Owned Businesses to Support

Atlanta embraces the plethora of black-owned businesses from tea to music. Check these businesses when you come out to the Peach State

Brave + Kind Bookshop  

This bookstore is located in Decatur, GA. An African-American woman created diverse and creative books for various children to read. Although the books contain classic and modern children’s stories there are a few books for adults to read. The owner is also involved in helping schools build intentional inclusive school libraries. 


Just Add Honey Tea Company

 This company is based in Atlanta and creates thoughtfully blended loose leaf tea for people to enjoy. They ensure that guests enjoy the best, freshest, and most flavorful teas with every sip. All ingredients are natural and pure from around the world to your own cup. 



Iwifresh spa

Iwi stands for it is what it is. The brand wants to be transparent and all the products are from vegetables and naturally grown ingredients. Visit the  Farm-to-your-skin Spa and Oasis Wellness Center to experience the power of feeding your skin the Truth in person. 




This gourmet cheesecake boutique specializes in selling personalized cheesecakes in a variety of flavors. Some flavors they specialize in are Pecan Praline, Champagne, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, Vanilla Bean, Banana Pudding and many more. You can currently try these delicious creations at Underground Atlanta.





Hot Coffee

The coffee beans used in Hot Coffee come from select growing regions of Africa, Central and South America. From Light, Medium, Dark to Decaf there is an everyday cup of coffee all can enjoy. Hot Coffee also is the first minority-owned coffee retailer to accept Cryptocurrency as a preferred method of payment. 

Popup Baby

Popup Baby is a mobile gym for babies and toddlers. They have cultivated a clean, safe environment for babies and toddlers to have a fun experience through sensory play. They are currently in the process of opening their flagship store in Douglasville and will be ready to be booked soon. 



DBS Sounds

DBS Sounds is a music store that caters to its audience with broad music genres. The retail music store also manages the marketing for new and established music artists. They also hold events where fans are able to interact with their favorite artists. Just recently they held an instore signing with Kehlani. 





Flesh Skin Care Studio

This skin studio helps clients achieve gorgeous skin through non-invasive holistic practices. Licensed estheticians do not rely on any machinery but their hands to achieve great service for their clients. These estheticians serve a variety of clients both men and women with different skin problems such as acne or hyperpigmentation. 




Nellie Bean Nail Studio

This nail studio does not accept walk-ins since every client needs to make an appointment to be seen. Each visit is personalized and private with a one-on-one nail session that gives clients individual attention. This nail artist likes to be creative and is willing to do any design with any gemstone you ask for. 





God Is Dope

This clothing store has gained recognition for selling streetwear and accessories with the message “God Is Dope”. They have partnered with other brands such as Slutty Vegan to create new merchandise. They also extended their t-shirts and joggers to purses with their logo on the front. 


Sports Illustrated Model and Brain Cancer Survivor, Victoria Vesce

Philanthropist, model,  recent Sports Illustrated Finalist and Brain Cancer survivor Victoria Vesce has a long history of advocacy and philanthropy with various organizations, but her advocacy took on new meaning when she became a cancer survivor at age 24.

Victoria has raised a small-town southern girl who has always had big dreams of pursuing something great. She grew up on a Buffalo Farm in rural eastern North Carolina. Feeling like there was a larger world to explore, she  states, “I always knew I was bigger than my hometown.” 

In 2016 and 2017 while dancing in the NBA for the Charlotte Hornets, and studying for the LSAT, Victoria started losing her hearing and experiencing extreme headaches. She began experiencing symptoms like fainting, unexplained adrenaline rushes, and dizziness. After a CAT scan and repeated visits to the doctor and ENT, she was diagnosed with a tumor. Doctors discovered another tumor (carotid artery) during an MRI. Surgery occurred 6 weeks later, and following that, Victoria underwent 30 rounds of experimental radiation treatment.

Today, Victoria is fully deaf in her right ear and chronically suffers from tinnitus. She enjoys a new perspective on life and has gratitude for the organizations and people who have helped her along the way.

Victoria states, “My motto in life now is that life is short. I have quit shaming myself or changing myself to please others. I own my life, imperfections and all. I want to help others to reach a point of good health, happiness, and fulfillment – as I have,” said Ms. Vesce. “Brain Tumor Awareness Month presents a chance to become educated about the issues that affect people with cancer diagnoses. It’s also a chance to give to organizations that save lives.” 

Even with a life that has been completely altered, there is no slowing Victoria down. She currently works with Berman Law Group in South Florida and continues to model and grow her social media platform. She is a signed model with JL Model Management and Marilyn’s Agency. She recently became a finalist for Sports Illustrated Swim. She says going to the Dominican Republic, shooting with the team, and seeing herself in the magazine is a dream come true.

She currently stars in her own podcast named, Validated By Victoria, where talks all things valid. From getting through life’s struggles, how to get abs, bad dates, and more, Victoria tells it how it is. I love talking about all things that I think are valid in my life and what others should know from dating to grief. Stay tuned as she’s rebranding the podcast and line up of guests! She can’t wait for it to debut soon.

Victoria wants to be remembered as someone who endured the fire but still rose from the ashes, especially after her mom’s passing. She wants the world to know her name in a positive light and leave a mark with everyone she meets. 

She is currently transitioning into more TV and Film, as well as, taking over her Dad’s company while creating her own. She has multiple projects in the works as she’s rebranding herself this summer. 

You can keep up with Victoria on social media  @VictoriaVesce

Fitness Guru and Creative Designer Melissa Dufour Shows Sweating is Sexy with New Affordable Athleisure Brand

“Working out and what you wear is a form of self-care.” – Melissa Dufour, Founder and Creative Director of Sexy Sweats.

A great fitness guru once said “looking good is important, but feeling great is key!” What if we told you that you can both look and feel good while exercising? That’s the mission of the Athleisure Brand “Sexy Sweats” that hit the market in 2018. Founded by Melissa Dufour, the brand is highlighting the sexiness of staying fit. With true fitness background and overcoming her own health obstacle, this fitness guru is helping others transform their lives one outfit at a time.

The Vice City native is a first-generation, Haitian-American and the oldest of two siblings. Her love for fitness was stamped in her childhood as she watched her father playing soccer. She even participated in many sports herself including track & field, flag football, and boxing, and was even on the girl’s weight lifting team. With a strong athletic background, it is no surprise that it would be the segway to her successful ventures in the future. Melissa later went on to obtain her B.A. in Healthcare and found herself facing adversity shortly after.

At only 25, she was diagnosed with severe arthritis. The experience was a painful one for Melissa. She says “there were times it was hard to walk and after multiple doctor visits, tests and diagnoses, nothing seemed to add up.” This motivated her to change her diet and routine.

After battling arthritis, Melissa gained a new appreciation for looking and feeling good and went on to create a new fitness routine that would balance the two. She notes, “Although it wasn’t the easiest routine for me to follow, I experienced real success in finding balance for them all. I’ve created a schedule to incorporate working out five days a week. I usually find myself in fitness apparel and sneakers on my days off, even if I am not in the gym.” These aspects would become the driving force behind Sexy Sweats.  

Photo Credits: Sexy Sweats

Sexy Sweats is new a bold and attractive imprint proving that sweating is indeed sexy. It is described as an athleisure brand made to shape a woman’s natural features, not hide them. It’s the athleisure line for the bold and daring and embodies the unique creative vision for bodaciously curvy women. Sexy Sweats is so attractive in its daring designs, vibrant colors, and intricate stitching with a slimming illusion.  The brand was created because Melissa wanted to help women feel their best while working out, which is something she felt was missing. 

The brand separates itself through exclusive designs and prints. It’s more than clothing, It’s a movement for women to showcase their confidence, sex appeal, and athletic lifestyle. Dufour states, “Sexy Sweats’s distinctive style and colors are unmatched. It’s an outward symbol that confidence and feeling sexy shouldn’t be hidden, and we are here to embrace it. Everything down to the stitching was given immense amounts of attention.”

Creating the brand was a no-brainer as she states, “I love a good challenge. My goal is to influence the fashion industry with our exclusive pieces, build a lifestyle brand and motivate women to work for their results and proudly show them off.”  With prices ranging from $18 to $82 dollars, it’s something every woman can get her hands on.

Photo Credits: Sexy Sweats

When speaking about the creation of the debut, “She Is” Collection, Melissa says it was created with personality and style in mind. I designed each piece intricately, intending to make head-turning clothes. I also added stitching with slimming illusions to enhance one’s silhouette. I want to provide each customer with comfortable, form-fitting pieces that provide much-needed support while in the gym. Sexy Sweats has your favorite athleisure pieces, no matter what size or shape.

Serving both as founder and creative designer is no chore for Melissa as she loves to get in touch with her creativity and bring her visions to life. As the brand grows, the heat is being turned up. “As the founder, I am still in the building phase, learning so much from the business’s administrative side, which can be extremely challenging.”  When asked her favorite things about her double role, she says Everything! “ Melissa watches the growth of her brand, and it excites her as she crushes her goals every day. I’m far from the goals I want to achieve but way ahead from when I first started.

“The final results always make the process look like a piece of cake but finding a good balance is the key to business.”

Melissa and Sexy Sweats plan to continue highlighting the sexy of every woman stating “as Sexy Sweats continues to grow, the public can expect a lot of heat. Sexy, daring, new prints and colors all summer long and beyond.” It’s sure to give A Lot of Heat. Sexy, Daring, New prints and colors, dropping this Summer 2022.  She also hopes to collaborate with top-of-the-line athleisure brands, athletes, and have other fitness gurus join the movement of fashionable fitness.

You can keep up with Sexy Sweats’s innovative styles on their social media at @sexysweatswear. Join in by tagging and using the #sexysweatssquad. Shop the She Is Collection now available at

CJ The Visionary Brings His Unique Style to the Music and Fashion Industries

The multitalented artist and shoe designer CJ The Visionary is a creative based in Central Florida. From an early age, CJ The Visionary knew he would be a performer being influenced by some of the greatest names in music including Michael Jackson, Prince, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and Teddy Pendergrass. He later gained popularity from his 2021 debut single “Fall Back.” CJ is already creating a stamp in the music realm as he has already been featured as one of the Artist Picks of the Year by Hollywood Digest. He is also well known for his high-quality shoes made from genuine leather and as the co-creator of the On Repeat Music Video Channel. The serial visionary spoke with The Recap Report to give us a glimpse into his world.

CJ’s passion for music began at 12 years old after witnessing Michael Jackson performing at the Grammys. His childhood consisted of being involved in music and performing. He was involved in the “Concert Chorus” in high school and participated in choir at his church. His musical influences can best be described as a mash-up of the elements of R&B, soul, and hip hop. Established artists such as Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Jacquees, and Jamie Foxx inspire his music today. These influences have helped him craft music that is new and nostalgic which is demonstrated in his newest single release on Valentine’s Day called “Freaky Things.” His purpose with this song was to emulate two people who have created this intimacy and feel that they are the only two that exist in each other’s world. 

“Freaky Things” is available on all major streaming music platforms.

Outside of his music, CJ The Visionary holds a true fashion sense which led him to begin designing shoes.  His brand Fiya Brand Shoes was born to stand out. His goal was to differentiate from other brands and create something that highlighted his sense of style. He loves fashion and putting colors together which makes this brand the best of both worlds.

The most memorable accomplishment since starting in the music industry has been CJ’s recognition of being named a Top Artist Pick of the Year by Hollywood Digest. When asked about his upcoming goals for 2022, CJ stated his plans are “to perform live and collaborate with fellow talented artists.” 

To keep up with CJ The Visionary’s nostalgic sound you can find him on Instagram at @cjvisionary and on  United Masters. Check out his latest kicks by visiting on @fiyabrandshoes Instagram.

Met Gala 2022: Gilded Glamour

Taylor Hill Met Gala 2022

The most coveted night of the Fashion year, the Met Gala. The theme for this year was Gilded Glamour but what does that mean? Let’s break that down!

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word Gilded means to be covered thinly with gold lead or paint. While some celebrities adhered to this interpretation most chose to reference the Gilded Age, the time period after the Civil War, roughly between the 1870s to early 1900s. 

We’re talking about a time of excess and extravagance. New York City was taking shape into the city we think of today. Picture Grand Central Station and The Statue of Liberty being erected.

Advancements in technology were taking place left and right. Women of the upper class were able to play around with different textiles as more was available to them.  “Women’s dresses often featured a combination of many textiles, like satin, silk, velvet, and fringe, all adorned with over-the-top textures like lace, bows, frills, and ruffles,” Vogue writes

Of course, the night wasn’t complete without a little bit of drama! While the stars hit the red carpet, many on social media were first to call out the underwhelming looks of the evening.


Now, let’s get into some of the looks!


Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images
Billie Eilish


Jamie McCarthy Getty Images
Blake Lively


Jamie McCarthy Getty Images Megan Thee Stallion


David Fisher/Shutterstock
Taylor Hill


Getty / Dimitrios Kambouris
Cardi B
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