Experience the International Flavors and Vibes of Nostalgia Kitchen: A Recap

Stone Mountain, Georgia welcomes a new culinary gem with the soft opening of Nostalgia Kitchen + Cocktails on Friday, April 5th. This Global Fusion kitchen promises a unique dining experience.

Patrons who attended the soft opening tasting event were treated to a culinary journey like no other. From succulent lamb chops, flavorful wings, to soul food, Jamaican jerk chicken egg rolls and so much more, Nostalgia Kitchen showcases a diverse range of dishes that seamlessly blend palates from across the world.

You cannot overlook the five-cheese macaroni and cheese, the comforting sweet potatoes, or the kick from the fiery bam bam shrimp. Those seeking a refreshing libation, the blueberry lychee breeze offers the perfect balance of sweet and sour. 

You can’t forget to have room for dessert, as Nostalgia Kitchen offers five different cheesecakes. The churro and turtle cheesecake was a fitting conclusion to the dining experience: rich, flavorful, and utterly indulgent.

However, Nostalgia offers more than just exceptional cuisine. The ambiance exudes warmth and coziness, making every guest feel at home. Whether you’re enjoying a romantic date night or sharing a meal with friends, the atmosphere is inviting and conducive to memorable moments. The attentive and knowledgeable staff further enhances the dining experience, ensuring that every guest feels valued and well cared for. Their professionalism and dedication contribute to the overall ambiance of sophistication and charm.

Nostalgia Kitchen embodies a “grown and sexy” vibe, from the music selection to its intimate setting. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s an experience that makes you want to return time and time again. 

As someone who had the pleasure of experiencing Nostalgia Kitchen firsthand, I wholeheartedly encourage others to embark on their own culinary experience and discover the fusion of flavors, the warmth of the ambiance, and the hospitality that awaits you at Nostalgia Kitchen + Cocktails. 

Enjoy a luxury dining experience by visiting Nostalgia Kitchen & Cocktails at 5469 Memorial Dr., Stone Mountain, GA 30083.

Meat The Mushroom: Swapping out the Swine and Shroomacon the World Happy on Shark Tank Season 15!

In a recent episode of Shark Tank, Marvin and Aleah Montague, the founders of Meat The Mushroom, took the stage proving that there are indeed two sides to every story – especially when it comes to bacon. Their appearance kicked off with the couple engaging in humorous banter about the pros and cons of pork bacon, setting the stage for a pitch that would leave the Sharks with a new understanding of “bringing home the bacon.”

The Montague’s big reveal came as the founders introduced their star product, Shroomacon, confidently stating, “If it looks like bacon and tastes like bacon, it must be mushrooms.” The uniqueness of Shroomacon lies in its organic, clean label, non-GMO composition, made from only five wholesome ingredients, a fact that was emphasized throughout the pitch.

Vegan founder and visionary Marvin’s passion was palpable as he shared a personal journey that led him to the power of a plant-based diet. Having cured a diagnosed enlarged heart and lifelong asthma through this lifestyle, Marvin’s commitment to promoting healthy living shone through in the creation of Shroomacon.

SHARK TANK – “1508” – Recurring guest Shark and KIND Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky returns to the Tank as entrepreneurs present vegan mushroom bacon, mobile cocktail classes, healthy peanut butter for dogs and huggable plush toys that play custom songs for children. FRIDAY, JAN. 26 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (Disney/Christopher Willard)

As the Sharks got a taste of Shroomacon in a BLT, Mark Cuban exclaimed, “It’s actually really good.” Lori Greiner highlighted its fat-free, very lean, and crispy attributes. Notably, Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary granted a profound compliment, stating, “In Shark Tank, we have had so many plant-based products. They all taste like crap. This actually tastes good.”

Marvin’s realization about food-related illnesses in the Black community fueled the inception of Meat The Mushroom. Initially starting as a restaurant, the transition to commercial business became imperative, driven by the belief that widespread impact could reach far beyond the Black community to positively influence the world.

The Sharks were impressed, leading to two offers: one from Kevin at $150,000 for 33.3%, and another from Lori with the same offer. Ultimately, the founders decided to go in with both Sharks, solidifying a $150,000 investment for a 33% stake.

Social media erupted with excitement following the Shark Tank episode, with supporters showering Meat The Mushroom with love. Positive comments flooded in, praising the use of clean ingredients, congratulating the couple, and expressing amazement at the Shark Tank appearance.

SHARK TANK – “1508” – Recurring guest Shark and KIND Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky returns to the Tank as entrepreneurs present vegan mushroom bacon, mobile cocktail classes, healthy peanut butter for dogs and huggable plush toys that play custom songs for children. FRIDAY, JAN. 26 (8:00-9:01 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (Disney/Christopher Willard)

Aleah expressed gratitude for the opportunity, stating, “Being on a national stage like Shark Tank means a lot to small businesses. So grateful for the opportunity to spread this information to a global audience!”

As expected, the episode airing led to a staggering increase in sales—prompting a full inventory sell-out. The company has since adjusted staffing to handle the welcomed increase and restocked to meet consumer demand.

Learn more about Meat The Mushroom, visit: website www.meatthemushroom.com.

Follow on social @meatthemushroom to sign up for their friends and family list to be the first to know about restocks and special offers.

Rap Snacks Celebrates 50 years of Hip Hop with Inaugural DISRUPT Summit

Disruption is defined as a disturbance that interrupts an event, activity, or process. This word can be used to describe what happened 50 years ago when New York gave birth to the most influential music genre to date, Hip-Hop. From the lyrics and beats to entertainment and fashion and more, there isn’t anything you can consume without some sort of Hip Hop influence. It has even influenced our food, which would give birth to the official snack of Hip Hop, innovated by Sales Guru and Business Executive James Lindsay. This phenomenon is seen with artists such as Master P, the popular rap group Migos, and countless others who have joined forces with the brand.

The Rap Snacks CEO understood the importance of Hip Hop and how it affected African American culture so Lindsay found a way to celebrate and highlight those who contribute. For the last 28 years, the brand has changed how people view the genre and its artists, and this year celebrated their contribution to the culture monumentally with the inaugural Rap Snacks Disrupt Summit.

Rap Snacks DISRUPT is a two-day summit highlighting all the success the brand has had over the last couple of decades while addressing vital topics in the African American Community. The Rap Snacks Family was joined by distributors, partners, and some of the most successful entrepreneurs and rap artists to talk about defying the norms to create influence and innovation in culture, economic power, and generational wealth.

The Summit kicked off with a welcome by Influencer, Podcaster, and Keynote speaker Wallo267. The summit was later followed by some of the exciting innovations the company plans to implement throughout 2023 .  Grammy Nominated Artist and Entrepreneur Rick Ross joined the summit later for a conversation on Entrepreneurship and ownership.

The highly anticipated Feed the Soul Conversation was the highlight of Day 2 where CEO James Lindsay was joined by Hip Hop Royalty Master P, Romeo Miller, E-40, Moneybagg Yo, and Business Executive Marilyn Van Alstyne with Podcast host and Moderator Big Loon to talk about culture, community, family, and creating generational wealth. Each panelist took the audience inside their journey to address the importance of hard work, wisdom and creating a successful business fueled by the culture. The panel also included a guest appearance by Meek Mill.

Club Rap Snacks was the venue of choice to wrap up the successful summit. The private celebration was dedicated to Hip Hop 50 and the birthday of Rap Snacks CEO James Lindsay.

As we continue to move throughout 2023, we support the Rap Snacks vision and challenge you to LEVEL UP and release the disruptor inside of you.

Follow the flavor at: www.rapsnacks.com and on Instagram.

How a Destiny’s Child Hit and Veganism birthed America’s New Favorite Vegan Restaurant, Kale My Name

Leading healthier lives has been a huge topic of discussion, especially since the rise of the global pandemic. People are looking to be more sanitary, active, and conscious of what they put in their bodies. One of those ways is being conscious of the foods we put into our bodies. Kale My Name is an innovative, award-winning vegan restaurant bringing culture and fun to lifestyle. Founded by Nemanja Golubovic, the restaurant became an instant success while gaining praise from some of today’s biggest stars. With two critically acclaimed locations in Chicago and Los Angeles, Kale My Name is soon to become a worldwide phenomenon.

Golubovic is a native of Montenegro and a worldly individual living in Spain, Mexico, and the middle east, to name a few places. These experiences would help him create his vegan empire. He fell into hospitality by looking for a job after immigrating to America and held many different positions. The connections he made and the responses he received from his customers would prompt him to start his independent venture in the industry. These experiences would help him create his vegan empire. 

The Chicago-based Kale My Name became an immense success when doors officially opened in April 2020. The establishment got its catchy name from the hit 1999 Destiny’s Child record ‘Say My Name.’  Golubovic recalls that time saying, “I was listening to the song while creating the menu and thought, this song is catchy.” The popular restaurant chain acquired its notoriety as being “100% plant-based”. With their inclusive thinking, he adopted his brand’s mantra “vegan for the animals, for our health, and the earth”. The establishment received a neighborly welcome during the opening weekend, running through 500+ to-go bags that the CEO originally purchased assuming it would remain for a minimum of three months. Initially projecting $200 – $300 daily revenue within two years, “Kale My Name” made over 4 million dollars in sales which, landed them one of the most successful vegan restaurants in America. 

(Photo Credits: Kale My Name Instagram)

When asked about the vegan component of his restaurant, Nemanja notes it was important because he is vegan. “I went vegan for many reasons, the main one being animals. I watched some things and decided they were not cool. He also had a calling to preserve life by helping the world become better, stating, “I felt like I’ve been given a bit more in life, and I felt like my life started to look good. I figured maybe this is my time to give something back and do something permanent to make a better place.” Ultimately, the goal is to be authentic to who he is.

Kale My Name separates itself through their love, joy, and compassion, not for only the animals but for humans as well. They amplify this movement with social media, allowing customers to see the innovative changes and to learn about the people behind the brand. These successful efforts have allowed patrons to feel more connected. The restaurant has success with its range of international cuisines, including its pioneering vegan mozzarella cheese sticks.

Founder Nemanja Golubovic and Tabitha Brown (Photo Credit: Kale My Name Instagram)

Their tasty menu and message have resonated with many, including renowned Actress Tabitha Brown. During the duration of her residence in Chicago, she converted into a uniformed consumer and fan of “Kale My Name”. Tabitha fell in love with the food and restaurant and developed she and Golubovic developed a friendship. Following the rapping of Brown’s show, she became disheartened to leave Chicago. Realizing she wouldn’t be eating at “Kale My Name”, Tabitha suggested Golubovic bring Kale My Name to Los Angeles, to which Golubovic agreed. The second location in Los Angeles, California, opened its doors in December 2021 with the video from the opening acquired over 1.7 million views on Tabitha’s viral TikTok handle. Nemanja, who is a fan of Brown, says, “that moment meant a lot, especially from someone I love.” Other notable names have endorsed the establishment, including Living Single’s Kim Fields, Hidden Figures’ Octavia Spencer, Claw’s Karrueche Tran, and many others!

The end goal for Nemanja is to “change the way people view plant-based food, one meal at a time.” He says people do not have to restrict themselves when becoming vegan and suggests doing things he didn’t, including researching and exploring more about veganism. Kale My Name is currently planning to work on fun projects with bigger plans coming in 2023. You can keep up with Nemanja and all the excitement from Kale My Name on Instagram @kalemyname @nekac_golubovic and Facebook: @kalemyname, @nekac_golubovic.


10 Black-Owned Businesses to Support

Atlanta embraces the plethora of black-owned businesses from tea to music. Check these businesses when you come out to the Peach State

Brave + Kind Bookshop  

This bookstore is located in Decatur, GA. An African-American woman created diverse and creative books for various children to read. Although the books contain classic and modern children’s stories there are a few books for adults to read. The owner is also involved in helping schools build intentional inclusive school libraries. 


Just Add Honey Tea Company

 This company is based in Atlanta and creates thoughtfully blended loose leaf tea for people to enjoy. They ensure that guests enjoy the best, freshest, and most flavorful teas with every sip. All ingredients are natural and pure from around the world to your own cup. 



Iwifresh spa

Iwi stands for it is what it is. The brand wants to be transparent and all the products are from vegetables and naturally grown ingredients. Visit the  Farm-to-your-skin Spa and Oasis Wellness Center to experience the power of feeding your skin the Truth in person. 




This gourmet cheesecake boutique specializes in selling personalized cheesecakes in a variety of flavors. Some flavors they specialize in are Pecan Praline, Champagne, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, Vanilla Bean, Banana Pudding and many more. You can currently try these delicious creations at Underground Atlanta.





Hot Coffee

The coffee beans used in Hot Coffee come from select growing regions of Africa, Central and South America. From Light, Medium, Dark to Decaf there is an everyday cup of coffee all can enjoy. Hot Coffee also is the first minority-owned coffee retailer to accept Cryptocurrency as a preferred method of payment. 

Popup Baby

Popup Baby is a mobile gym for babies and toddlers. They have cultivated a clean, safe environment for babies and toddlers to have a fun experience through sensory play. They are currently in the process of opening their flagship store in Douglasville and will be ready to be booked soon. 



DBS Sounds

DBS Sounds is a music store that caters to its audience with broad music genres. The retail music store also manages the marketing for new and established music artists. They also hold events where fans are able to interact with their favorite artists. Just recently they held an instore signing with Kehlani. 





Flesh Skin Care Studio

This skin studio helps clients achieve gorgeous skin through non-invasive holistic practices. Licensed estheticians do not rely on any machinery but their hands to achieve great service for their clients. These estheticians serve a variety of clients both men and women with different skin problems such as acne or hyperpigmentation. 




Nellie Bean Nail Studio

This nail studio does not accept walk-ins since every client needs to make an appointment to be seen. Each visit is personalized and private with a one-on-one nail session that gives clients individual attention. This nail artist likes to be creative and is willing to do any design with any gemstone you ask for. 





God Is Dope

This clothing store has gained recognition for selling streetwear and accessories with the message “God Is Dope”. They have partnered with other brands such as Slutty Vegan to create new merchandise. They also extended their t-shirts and joggers to purses with their logo on the front. 


The Underground Scoop With Cheesecaked

Imagine taking all of your favorite desserts and combining them into the ultimate cheesecake or milkshake. Well, that’s the magic that happens at Atlanta’s popular bakery, Cheesecaked. With over 20 years of baking experience, Founder Shawn Brown serves tasty creations leaving patrons with an everlasting sweet tooth. Amidst several life-altering events, she has been able to stay afloat and has been featured on some of the nation’s top outlets! Now, with two new reemerging locations, Cheesecaked is baking its way to the top!

The Los Angeles, California native was inspired by her grandma to begin baking. Shawn states it started with her grandma’s sweet potato cheesecake recipe. From there she began to perfect her innate ability to create delicious cheesecakes. These precious moments would later help Shawn open the nationally acclaimed bakery.  

Red Velvet Cheesecake Sandwich

 Cheesecaked specializes in turning your favorite desserts into amazing cheesecake flavors.  The gourmet cheesecake boutique offers a variety of personal-sized cheesecakes in an assortment of flavors including Pecan Praline, Champagne, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, Vanilla Bean, Banana Pudding, and more! Cheesecaked was a way to keep living amidst the heartbreaking event she suffered years earlier.

Peach Cobbler Cheesecaked

Tragedy struck Shawn and her family in 1994, when she, her sister, and her ten-month-old son was struck by a drunk driver. The accident would leave Shawn with massive head and face injuries, needing reconstructive facial surgery, and her infant son deceased. This accident was a turning point in Shawn’s life as she found herself trying to reclaim the women she lost in the incident. Out of this, Cheesecaked became a way to create a sweet victory by bringing joy and awareness to others.

The bakery would officially emerge in 2011 and become a national phenomenon. During their first launch, Cheesecaked was featured on Good Morning America, Food Network, CNN Travel, and more! Unfortunately, Shawn would find herself facing adversity again once she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. This would force Shawn to close Cheesecaked indefinitely while she went through recovery.

Since finishing remission, Cheesecaked has made its grand return to the Atlanta community in November 2021. The new location is located in the Historic Underground Atlanta shopping strip with a second location is soon to follow in Norcross, GA. As Shawn continues her sweet journey, she would tell others, “Here is the thing. Life is hard. There is no way around it but the thing is, it’s a journey, it has peaks and valleys and it’s in those times there is a lesson God is trying to teach you. During tough times pray that God shows you the lesson so that you can learn from it and share with someone how you got through it, trust me, they are watching.”

To get Cheesecaked, follow them on Instagram @cheesecaked and visit https://www.cheesecaked.com/!

Keep Dreaming With Visionary Jay White

Jay White, publicly known as Jay the Dreamer, is a multi-talented serial entrepreneur, author and creative force in Atlanta. 

To call one a renaissance man is usually a compliment, but for Jay White, it might actually be an understatement. He’s an author, self-taught tap dancer and entrepreneur to sum up just a few of his ventures. His imprints businesses include Atlanta’s west end fixture and 5-star rated 640 West Community Café that offers a variety of teas, coffees, smoothies, burgers and tasty vegan options, a Pedicab company: PedicabsATL which creates a magical date night or brunch experience through the city, a Haberdashery line and wine line with an array of Merlots. 

What can’t he do? If you asked him directly, he’d say able to juggle all of his ventures because he focuses on one project at a time. 

All of his accomplishments are rooted in the determination he had as a child. The son of God-fearing parents, he was raised to be independent and responsible. Always in tune with his purpose to love God and help others, whenever his hard working parents weren’t planning to attend church he’d catch the bus to worship services—as young as seven years old! 

He is an entrepreneur at heart with a plethora of gifts and talents that he has been able to successfully merge into an admirable lifestyle. His work touches many across the globe as he encourages them to walk in their purpose. His books and live poetry all carry the theme of EMPOWERMENT! His first published work of art, Tap Into Your Destiny paved the way for 8 more books and multiple film projects including The Hustle Is Sold Separately: https://www.thehustleissoldseparately.com 

In 2022 Jay expanded his pedicab business to the west coast after dispatching five of his signature bikes to the Rams vs. Bengals Superbowl game. Also in 2022, he released the controversially titled book, No More Bodies: The discontinuation of promiscuity and meaningless sex. From the book’s website: No More Bodies started from a vision of Jay White.  He wanted to challenge himself to go deeper spiritually. You can view Jay’s official intro of the book HERE

When he’s not writing or innovating you can catch him traveling internationally, spending time with family and making moves with fellow visionaries like Colin Kaepernick.


Visit Jay’s website: https://www.jaythedreamer.com 

Follow all things Jay White on social: @JayTheDreamer 

Vince Ashton: Jack of All Trades, Master of All

With a lifelong love for entertaining, Vince Ashton is fulfilling his wildest dreams! 2022 is already boasting success with his television debut on the upcoming Food Network show, The Great Chocolate Showdown and his newly minted position as the official host of College Park. 

Vince Ashton has loved performing since the age of 3. As an only child, his mother and grandmother knew he would end up being on stage—whether it be singing, dancing, hosting or making magic with pots and pans on the small screen. An Atlanta native and recording artist, at age 31 he’s lighting up stages with his authentic approach to pop culture, fashion, and music. He redefines the classical story of the urban kid who dreams of making it to the big time through his passion for education, people, and faith.

With many memorable moments in his career, he has performed for former first lady Michelle Obama, opened for Grammy Award Winning R&B songstress Monica and became a recurring actor/dancer on the hit YouTube Show “Face the Music.” His well rounded body of work landed  Vince the position as the official entertainment and events host of all College Park, GA festivities. 

Vince is from neighboring city East Point and states, “I have family members that still reside in College Park. This opportunity hits home…because it is home. I often say grown here not flown here and I represent the southside of Atlanta to the fullest. It’s important to me because I’ve watched the city itself grow, thrive, become a haven for black owned businesses and so much more… I’m honored to be a part of all that’s happening there.”

On top of performing, Vince started his own cheesecake business, It’s a Cheesecake in 2017. He always loved to cook but never deemed himself an “official” baker—but one holiday season it all changed. He made an oreo cheesecake recipe and he never looked back. His friends enjoyed his recipes  and encouraged him to go into a business.  That next month he created new flavors including peach cobbler, salted caramel macchiato, and triple berry white chocolate. Next, he did a product photoshoot, tasting event, developed a business plan and logo, and before he knew it, It’s A Cheesecake by Vince Ashton was born. The new venture came at a pivotal time as he was unexpectedly laid off from his 9-5 job, thrusting him further into entrepreneurship. He put his head down and focused on managing his very own business and it has been elevating since! Currently, his cakes are sold online and exclusively at Lenox Mall’s restaurant, Cheese ATL.

His business success led him to his debut tv appearance as he will be featured on season 3 of The Great Chocolate Showdown on Food Network Canada. Vince says you can expect diversity, creativity like no other, tons of laughs, high energy and inspiration. “My castmates all came from different backgrounds and their personal stories as well as their own uniqueness and baking styles were just incredible. It’s going to be a GREAT SHOW!”

With all this greatness surrounding him, Vince remains grounded by staying connected to his faith, church and worship. His work onstage continues as he is slated as the resident anthem singer for the NBA G-League’s Atlanta SkyHawks for the 2022 season. 

Learning to work smarter, not harder, Vince has become honest and realistic about his bandwidth and tries not to overextend himself. He has expanded his management and public relations teams to manage his growing business imprints.

Catch Vince on the Great Chocolate Showdown premiering in Canada on Tuesday, March 1st at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Food Network Canada. The U.S. installment will air on the CW Network in future months.


In the meantime, follow all things Vince on social: @VinceAshton 


Hot Coffee Brings New Taste to Coffee and Cryptocurrency Markets

Hot Coffee is the newest coffee brand bringing a new flavor with cryptocurrency. Atlanta’s very own community pillar, Katerina Taylor joined forces with serial entrepreneur and former corporate executive Brad Hill to develop the first “Coffee and Crypto” brand of its kind.

Headquartered in Grove Park, the double minority-owned retailer is dedicated to enhancing the daily coffee experience with their premium gourmet roasts. With a wide range of flavor options catering to every coffee lover, Hot Coffee is establishing itself as Atlanta’s home team choice for coffee.

Business is not new to the Hot Coffee duo as they both have many years in prestigious leadership roles. Over the last 20 years, Katerina gained experience in executive leadership and has a proven track record in the workforce and economic development sector. She previously served as VP with SunTrust Bank, now Truist; and is the former president of the DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce, in which she was the first female to hold that position. Complementary to Katerina’s leadership, Brad brings experience as both a compliance director and director of operations where he oversaw the Information Security Program for Federal contracts. With their commonality in leadership, travel, and coffee, they created their steaming imprint, Hot Coffee.

Founders Katerina Taylor and Brad Hill

Hot Coffee specializes in premium gourmet coffee from select growing regions of Africa and Central and South America. The simple yet innovative moniker, Hot Coffee, is a testament to the company’s mission of “gourmet simplified,” and is the way many describe the fuel that kick starts their day. Their seven times micro-roasted whole beans allow Hot Coffee to preserve the integrity and quality of every bean, creating the perfect brew, every time. The current line includes whole and ground beans in Decaf, Light, Medium, and Dark roasts.

Katerina and Brad’s business idea was fitting for the times—because as the global health crisis cases rose, so did the consumption of coffee. Katerina states, “I read that 166 million bags of coffee were sold during 2020 and 2021.” While coffee was definitely being roasted, sold, and consumed, emerging at the height of a global pandemic did pose challenges. The pair were unable to physically connect with coffee suppliers; however, the determined business partners were able to virtually conduct thorough research on coffee consumption habits, the morning beverage market, cryptocurrency phenomenon, and identifying suitable roasters.

With the future of purchasing power shifting, Hot Coffee decided to position itself ahead of the curve by incorporating a cryptocurrency component into its purchasing experience. By allowing customers to purchase Hot Coffee through the Coinbase e-commerce platform, they are taking the customer’s first approach and eliminating the proverbial middleman merchant. This initiative also makes Hot Coffee the first African American coffee brand to use cryptocurrency as its primary method of payment. While they are not experts, they understand being curious and staying updated on current trends will allow them to stay atop current financial trends and provide the best customer experience.

The Hot Coffee executives keep the pulse on consumer preferences as Brad states, “having others enjoy our product is rewarding because “their validation of the product quality aligns with our commitment to using the highest quality ingredients.”

Being a business with two owners, their different leadership styles create the perfect blend for their day-to-day operations.

With an official launch set for February 2022 in honor of Black History Month, coffee lovers can expect to get their hands on the anticipated brews. The Atlanta-based retailer is proud of its roots and wants to be synonymous with the city. They also hope to partner with some of Atlanta’s most respected brands including American Express, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport, cool local artists as well as retailers like Target, Savvy Provisions, Whole Foods, Microsoft, and more! With so many exciting things brewing, patrons have a lot to look forward to with Hot Coffee.

To keep up with Hot Coffee, follow @lovehotcoffee on social media. To connect with Hot Coffee for vendor opportunities and to learn more by visiting their website at www.lovehotcoffee.com and emailing them at [email protected]

Becoming a Superhero: C. Ariane Durden’s Journey Fighting For A Healthy World One Page At A Time

For C. Ariane Durden, one of her greatest passions in her career has always been nutritioneven more specifically, nutrition in children and those of the younger generation. It all started when she was just a student at the University of Georgia. As a Georgia Bulldog, Ariane was able to study Consumer Foods and Nutrition, graduating with a B.S. degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. Upon receiving that degree, she’s been able to devote the last 10 years of her career advocating for good nutrition, as well as exercise. Her biggest goal? “Fighting childhood obesity one day at a time.” 

Over the last decade, specifically here in the U.S., we’ve seen a huge increase in the consumption of fast food and sugar. Mix that with less than the desired amount of exercise and obesity becomes an issue. For Ariane, it’s just something she feels can be fought offin children, especially. She feels it’s never too early to practice making those healthy decisions. That’s why one of the steps in her career as a nutrition educator led her to author her award-winning children’s book, Becoming a Superhero.

Ariane Durden’s debut award-winning book, Becoming a Superhero

Becoming a Superhero encourages children to eat healthy foods and exercise through play. As to how she came up with this bright idea of getting through to children through this book, she credits that to her inspiration of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch initiative. “First Lady Michelle Obama is my business icon. I was inspired by her Let’s Move! Initiative while I was studying nutrition in Dr. Cotwright’s class at UGA in 2014.” Her debut book has even gone on to help Ariane become the recipient of two Independent Press Awards, which are given to those who exhibit the courage, innovation, and creativity to bring about change in the world of publishing. Ariane says that as an active member of the National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition, her “overall mission is to aid lowering rates of childhood obesity.”

Ariane was also awarded as the 2021 Winner in Children’s Diet and Nutrition, as well as the 2021 Distinguished Favorite in Children’s Inspiration. Even though she has received these prestigious awards, Ariane says her journey as a nutrition educator is far from complete. She’s been able to continue work recently as a SNAP-Ed Program Assistant with UGA County Extension. As far as future plans, Ariane says, “I plan to get a Masters’s degree in Dietetics with a professional goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian.” As a registered dietitian, she’ll be able to take on an even bigger fight towards ending childhood obesity. 

With Ariane’s career centered around nutrition and learning the best way to stay healthy, she admits it’s not always easy. For those part of lower-income families and communities, it can seem even harder. That’s also been one of her focused goals as well. She witnessed that very issue in her own high school. However, she says it’s helped her to discover the desire she has to create that balance of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, no matter who you are. Ariane says her greatest life lesson is “to overcome life’s challenges and go after your dreams and never give up!”

You can visit https://www.becomingasuperherollc.com/ to learn more about Ariane’s mission and purchase a copy of Becoming a Superhero for a child you love. Make sure you keep up with Ariane’s journey of fighting to create a healthier world by following both her Instagram page (@supersashajones) and Facebook page (@SuperSashaJones).



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