Hip-Hop Icons Honored at National Museum’s Induction Event

In a momentous celebration of hip-hop culture, the National Hip-Hop Museum (NHHM) is gearing up for an electrifying event on April 4th. Located at the prestigious Recording Industry Association of America headquarters, the ceremony will pay tribute to eight legendary figures whose contributions have shaped the very essence of hip-hop.

 The Inductees

Iconic artists such as Kurtis Blow, The Fat Boys, and Roxanne Shanté are joining the esteemed ranks of the NHHM’s Hall of Fame. This induction serves as a testament to their enduring influence on the genre and their cultural significance beyond measure.

 Honoring Hip-Hop’s Legacy

 The evening will highlight the presentation of the Hip-Hop Declaration of Peace by none other than KRS-ONE, often referred to as “Hip-Hop’s Teacha,” and the esteemed Temple of Hip-Hop. This historic document, recognized internationally, underscores the core principles of hip-hop as a force for unity, prosperity, and social change.

 But the excitement doesn’t end there. Attendees can look forward to engaging live podcast panels featuring the inductees, providing a unique opportunity to delve into the rich history and evolution of hip-hop firsthand. Renowned artist Kevin “Scene” Lewis will also be on hand, captivating audiences with live hip-hop painting, while DJ DVIOUS crafts a custom cake resembling an RIAA Platinum plaque.

 Secure Your Spot at Hip-Hop History

For those eager to be part of this historic occasion, VIP admission offers exclusive memorabilia and limited-edition items, ensuring an unforgettable experience. VIP admission, which includes the exclusive Temple of Hip-Hop commemorative items, is priced at $115 per person. General admission tickets are available at $65 per person.

Established in 2019, the NHHM stands as a beacon of hip-hop preservation, history, and education. Led by Executive Director Master Gee, the museum’s collection of over 5,000 exclusive artifacts offers a comprehensive look at hip-hop’s evolution and impact on society.

As the date draws near, hip-hop enthusiasts and cultural aficionados alike eagerly anticipate this landmark event. Don’t miss your chance to be part of hip-hop history.

For ticket information and event details, contact [email protected].

From Bach to Blues: Cameron’s Unexpected Journey to Jazz Greatness and the birth of SpelHouse Jazz Festival

In the world of music, evolution often emerges from personal journeys, weaving through various genres and experiences. Cameron’s musical odyssey epitomizes this, from his classical roots to the vibrant world of jazz, culminating in the creation of the SpelHouse Jazz Festival.

Cameron’s story begins in 3rd grade, where he embarked on his musical venture with the violin cello. Throughout his formative years, classical music was his steadfast companion, honing his skills through dedicated practice and summer camps. However, a pivotal moment during his freshman year of high school altered the trajectory of his musical path. 

Faced with the absence of double bass players in his high school’s ensemble, Cameron was called upon to step into his role, bridging the gap between cello and bass. Embracing the challenge with characteristic determination, he swiftly adapted to the new instrument, seamlessly merging his classical proficiency with the demands of double bass. 

Yet, it was a personal loss that catalyzed Cameron’s exploration of new musical horizons. Mourning the departure of a dear friend, he found solace in the soulful melodies of artists like Benny King and Luther Vandross, sparking his fascination with jazz. Immersing himself in the world of jazz, Cameron joined his high school’s jazz band, taking on a journey of improvisation and creativity. Collaborating with his teacher on gigs, he delved deeper into the intricacies of jazz music, captivated by its expressive freedom and emotive resonance. 

Inspired by his experiences, Cameron envisioned a platform to celebrate and nurture the love for jazz within the AUC community and beyond. His passion ignited a vision for the SpelHouse Jazz Festival, a vibrant showcase of talent and creativity that transcends boundaries and fosters connections.

With unwavering determination, Cameron approached the Morehouse Student Government Association president, securing the necessary support to bring his vision to life. The festival, not merely a musical event but a testament to ambition and collaboration, embodies Cameron’s commitment to fostering a sense of unity among participants. 

Beyond its musical offerings, the SpelHouse Jazz Festival serves as a beacon of inspiration, challenging individuals to pursue their dreams and embrace their unique visions. Cameron hopes the festival will become a timeless source of inspiration, igniting a fire in future generations of musicians and music lovers around the metro area. 

At its core, the SpelHouse Jazz Festival symbolizes the transformative power of music and the enduring spirit of innovation, Cameron takes the stage, conducting and performing alongside fellow musicians. In Cameron’s eyes, the festival is more than just a celebration of jazz; it is a call to action, urging individuals to embrace their passions and forge their passions. 

The celebration takes place Saturday, March 23, 2024 from 3pm – 6pm.

Grab your FREE tickets now on Eventbrite.

Harmonizing Hip Hop Influence: 404 Pack Sneaker Ball Unites Community for High Gravity Gardens Fundraiser

In a dynamic celebration that transcended genres, the 404 Pack Sneaker Ball on December 2nd, 2023, showcased the profound influence of hip-hop, fusing craft beer, music, and the essence of classic hip-hop. Marked as a monumental success, the event brought together a diverse audience who reveled in exceptional beer, a vibrant atmosphere, and captivating entertainment – making it the perfect finale to the commemorative 50th year of Hip Hop.

Beyond the beats and brews, the Sneaker Ball achieved its mission of fostering unity across creative, business, and beer communities. Serving as a unique platform, it facilitated connections within the black community, leaving guests with joyous smiles and a sense of meaningful connection.


High Gravity Gardens: Brewing Creativity and Community

Central to the Sneaker Ball’s purpose was to raise awareness and kick off a fundraiser for High Gravity Gardens, an ambitious brewery project spearheaded by Lenox Mercedes in collaboration with Big Gipp. This partnership is shaping the future success of the brewery, with plans to expand its reach and become a hub for various breweries.

Envisioned as a blend of City Winery, Cirque de Soleil, and the Wu-Tang Clan spirit, High Gravity Gardens aims to support emerging breweries, host concerts, and honor community legends. Lenox’s vision, inspired by his experience with Down Home Brewing, Georgia’s first Black-owned brewery, fostering creativity and community spirit.


The 404 Pack Gipp Goodie Bag: A Culmination of Craft and Community

To fund High Gravity Gardens, the team introduced the exclusive 404 Pack Gipp Goodie Bag – a curated selection personally designed by Gipp for Atlanta residents. Packed with custom items, from a Gipp-autographed beer label sticker to a custom 404 Pack solo cup, the Goodie Bag provides a unique experience, reflecting Gipp’s commitment to the project.


Gipp’s Reflections and Future Visions

Reflecting on the event, Gipp shared his favorite moments, emphasizing the personal and interactive nature of the Sneaker Ball. He praised the beer as a perfect complement to various settings, from a steak dinner to social gatherings, expressing enthusiasm for the future. Gipp assured fans that the event was just the beginning, with exciting developments on the horizon, and the team is dedicated to bringing their product to a wider audience without delay. 


Panel Discussion: Hip Hop’s Impact on Culture and Entrepreneurship

Integral to the Sneaker Ball was a thought-provoking panel discussion on the state of hip-hop, exploring how it transcends into culture and opens doors to various business ventures, including events like this. The insightful conversation delved into the far-reaching influence of hip-hop, examining its role as a catalyst for creativity, community building, and entrepreneurial endeavors.


The 404 Pack Mixtape: A Sonic Journey Through Gipp’s Creativity

Behind the scenes, Big Gipp’s mixtape, the 404 Pack, curated by DJ Papi, Goodie Mob’s DJ, is a harmonious blend of old and new records, encapsulating the evolution of Gipp’s musical journey. Available on higrav.com, the mixtape invites listeners to dive into Gipp’s creativity and experience the timeless fusion of hip-hop influence.

The 404 Pack Sneaker Ball not only celebrated the legacy of hip-hop but also fueled the momentum for the visionary High Gravity Gardens, proving that the influence of hip-hop extends far beyond the beats, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of craft beer, community connection, and entrepreneurial exploration.


For more on High Gravity Hip Hop or to donate to High Gravity Gardens, visit www.higrav.com

Keep up with Big Gipp @gippgoodie on social media.

National Hip-Hop Museum Honors Wild Style with 40th Year Anniversary Celebration

2023 marks 50 years of one of the world’s most influential music genres, Hip-Hop. Birthed out of New York, the genre would inspire fashion, art, dance, and more worldwide. One of those would be the 1980s classic Wild Style. Written and directed by Charlie Ahearn, the movie is coined as the first movie of Hip-Hop, reflecting the rise of the new worldwide movement. Throughout the last four decades, we can see Wild Style’s impact on society, including on the National Hip-Hop Museum (NHHM) Founder and Collector Jeremy Beaver.

Beaver, a New York native, is a DJ, producer, engineer, and business owner who has created the ultimate Hip-Hop hub in Washington DC. He states, “Wild Style as a movie depicts all aspects of Hip-Hop music and culture and when it came out it was all so new that it was like discovering the coolest thing for the first time and wanting to find it and get involved immediately.”

This year, NHHM, alongside the Five Points Festival, is taking it back to where it all started to honor Hip-Hop with the Wild Style 40 Grand Induction Ceremony. Coming in June, the celebration pays tribute to Wild Style with a unique hip-hop toy exhibit/shopping experience. The 40th Anniversary of Wild Style Event came together because The 5 Points Designer Toy Festival wanted a Hip-Hop theme for their world-renowned festival to honor the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop, Beaver says. “They turned to The National Hip-Hop Museum because we specialize in Grand Induction Ceremonies and Pop-Up Experiences to theme out the festival.”

The event kicks off with live graffiti painting throughout the day from Kevin “Scene” Lewis with classic Wild Style Hip-hop sounds by DJ Tony Crush, DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore, and DJ Kevie Kev Rockwell. NHHM will also host a live stream podcast via Rock The Bells and NHHM’s Hall of Fame Induction ceremony. Inductees include Director Charlie Ahearn, with cast members including Grandmaster Caz & The Cold Crush Brothers, Grand Wizzard Theodore & The Fantastic 5, Patti Astor, and breakdance icon Crazy Legs. They will receive an award, a custom NHHM jacket, a fat lace hat, inductee medallions, commemorative cassette necklaces, and custom art by NHHM Creative Director Andy Katz and Photoshop Jedi.

Beaver is excited about the event because, “growing up in NYC is the reason I fell in love with Hip-Hop, in part, because I was surrounded by it. So to be able to bring it back to the city that is responsible for creating the genre means the world to the organization and me personally.”

Throughout the weekend, the NHHM is also hosting a hip-hop toy pop-up shop, offering many rare, exclusive, vintage, and one-of-a-kind toys and apparel for purchase. Items for purchase include:

● Ghostface Killah Action Figure 

● Das EFX No Diggidy Varsity Jackets x National Hip-Hop Museum Collaboration 

● The Warriors Boxed Set 

● Wu-Tang Enter The Wu-Tang Records Are Forever Crate and many more exclusive items!

Beaver says events like these are key, because “it is important to consistently remind Americans and future generations of the importance of our country’s greatest works of art. Wild Style is Hip-Hop Magnum Opus and serves as a living document to continue to honor forever.”

The Wild Style 40 Grand Induction Ceremony will rock the Big Apple, June 10-11. Tickets can be purchased starting at $130 at www.fivepointsfest.com/tickets.

For more on Jeremy and the National Hip-Hop Museum , visit nationalhiphopmuseum.org

Scott Howard: Pioneering a New Genre of Music for Healing and Awakening

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with Scott Howard, a musician, and pioneer of a new genre called Source Music. His music is prophetically conceived, influenced by the celestial beyond and performed at 432 Hz. Scott’s upcoming album, Angel Numbers in 432Hz, is a collection of songs that carry a healing message he believes will be needed in the future. In this interview, we delve into Scott’s life and career, his spiritual awakening, and the impact music has had on his journey. We also discuss his new album, his approach to writing music, and what he hopes his musical impact will be. Get ready to be inspired by this unique artist and his uplifting message.

Music has been a major element throughout your life. How would you define music and what it means to you? 

As a child, my family was more musically inclined than most.  My mom, was an opera singer and founded Long Island Lyric Opera.  We used to have monthly family gatherings called “cousins club,” where we would all perform for each other around the piano downstairs. I always found myself at the top of the staircase, yearning to perform for the older adults and prove that I had something valuable to bring to the table.

Throughout my life, I’ve defined my experiences in terms of sounds of music, using them to describe the events and emotions of my journey through songs and albums. I’ve noticed that the music I listen to during major life changes often mirrors the higher frequencies of those events. For instance, the first time I fell in love, got my first car, or even tried smoking pot (lol)… had a specific sound and feeling to it. Learning to play guitar, writing my first song, performing the bassline in the jazz band, and even participating in a play in Baldwin Junior High School all had their own unique sounds, bringing both ups and downs to my life.

Where do you draw inspiration from when writing your songs?

When it comes to writing my songs, I usually draw inspiration from strong emotions and experiences of pain that I didn’t expect to affect me as they did. The music I create is prophetically conceived, with specific words and melodies that correspond to chakra points and bring out events that I believe will occur in the near future.

For example, I wrote a song called “Harvest Blessing” on my album “The Language of Clouds” four years ago or more, and it talks about a storm being over and being blessed by Mother Earth’s tears while “the sunrise comes as the trumpets herald the new birth”. At that time, “the Storm” wasn’t even a point of discussion.

On my upcoming album “Angel Numbers in 432Hz,” I have several songs that I hope will resonate with people who are seeking answers, healing, or hope. One of the songs, “We Are Forever,” talks about fighting atrocities against the human race and finding hope and faith in a touch or a kiss. Another track, “A Gods-Land,” addresses the current state of the world and the need to let go of mental crosses and start winning the coin toss. And, “It’s Our Time!” speaks of the keys to the kingdom being in a higher vibration, with a focus on raising our third eye sights and achieving the highest destination.

I hope my music can offer something meaningful to those who need it and that it resonates with their experiences and emotions.

How did your spiritual awakening impact your life and ultimately your career? 

 My spiritual awakening began on August 4th, 2017, with the activation of my hypothalamus. This transformative event was quite lonely since it separated me from my immediate family who were not on the same frequency as me. We all receive and experience things in life based on our individual frequency in this holographic matrix, and my awakening enabled me to see and hear things that others were not able to experience.

Regarding my career, many people are now going through what I’ve been through, and synchronicity often brings them to places where they can resonate with and receive the answers they need to hear or heal from. My music, which is an ancient genre created through Source in 432Hz, has resonated with people all over the world, and I am excited to share my new album, “Angel Numbers in 432Hz,” with everyone. A mini music concert video and promotional material for the album will be available for pre-order on my website, www.scotthowardmusic.com.

What inspired your successful 2018 album “Ascended Man”?

“Ascended Man” is a ten-song chapter book that tells the story of the tragic loss of my son Maxx due to an accidental drug overdose. At that time, I was seeing the numbers 8888 everywhere and didn’t understand their meaning. I always seem to know the names of my albums ahead of time, and the loss of my son – “My Beautiful Ones” (song on my upcoming album, Angel Numbers) devastated my entire existence. I found myself in my studio for months, writing songs to help me find answers and heal while hopefully helping others who have experienced such a trauma, as there will be many more who will face such losses in the future. I hope to help as many people as possible resonate with their awakening, regardless of the answers they may need.

Outside of your hits, you have also managed to pioneer a new genre. How did that come about?

My spiritual awakening opened my eyes to the power of music and how it can influence our frequency and emotions. This realization led me to pioneer a new genre called Source Music, which is influenced by the celestial beyond and performed at 432 Hz. I believe that this frequency has a curative effect on the mind and soul, and it has been used by some of the greatest musicians in history, such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach.

I draw inspiration for my lyrics and music from the universe, and I believe that they are prophetically conceived. I often receive messages or inspiration for my lyrics that relate to events that I feel will occur in the near future. These “spells,” as I like to call them, have the power to bring relief and healing to those who need it most.

Overall, my spiritual awakening has had a profound impact on my life and career. I’m dedicated to sharing my music and message with the world and helping others raise their frequency through meditation and music.

What can you tell us about your upcoming project Angel Numbers?

My upcoming album Angel Numbers is a collection of songs that I wrote years ago based on my life experiences. Each song is like a chapter of my life, and they all carry a healing message that I believe will be needed in the future. The titles of the songs speak for themselves, and I’m excited for everyone to go on this mad hatter’s ride with me.

In addition, we’re going to release a 2-song music video and promo trailer in the next few weeks that should give you a taste of what to expect from the album. You can pre-order Angel Numbers in 432Hz on my website, scotthowardmusic.com, and you can listen to some of the samplers as they become available.

If you’re looking for my previous works, my World Ascension Tour LIVE at Village Studios in 432Hz in vinyl is available now for shipping. You can also check out my other albums like Ascended Man, The Language of Clouds, and The Zen of Planets, which are available for purchase on my website either as CDs or digital downloads.

What are some of your favorite things about being a musician? 

As a musician, one of my favorite things is performing on stage and sharing my music with others. I first fell in love with performing at age 11 when my stepfather managed my rock band, The Gemini 5, and we played for Maimonides School for Special Children. Even though, at the time we sounded terrible, seeing how much the children enjoyed our performance was a life-changing experience for me. Throughout the years, I was inspired by my mother’s performances in operas and my own experiences performing in school plays. Seeing how music can and have enriched and soothed people’s hearts gave me hope that my music can also make a positive impact in the world. Being able to manifest pure love on stage is a gift that I believe only comes from Source, and I hope to continue to use it to bring light and illuminate the audience.

Music is something that leaves a lasting impact on society. What do you hope your musical impact will be?

As a musician, I believe that my purpose is to help the entire spiritual soul group grow and make changes for the good of humankind. Throughout history, music has had a profound impact on society, from the big band era to the Beatles and beyond. However, I’ve noticed that in recent times, music has become a reflection of the generational cancer that is slowly rotting our society and family values. I want to change that by creating a new/ancient genre of music from a place of love gifted by Source in 432Hz. This new genre can help raise the vibration of our earthly realm and awaken people to the truth of our lives. I believe that music has the power to heal and rebuild a world based on positive energies, allowing spells of love and light to enter our improved minds in the kingdom of the 4-5D human. My ultimate hope is that my music will enable those in need to heal and cleanse the darkness from their lives. I want my music to resonate with people and lift them up, even in times when all hope seems lost. My upcoming album, Angel Numbers in 432Hz, is my contribution to this cause, and I hope it can manifest miracles by the infinite.


Website: New tab (scotthowardmusic.com)

Instagram: Scott Howard (@scotthowardmusic) • Instagram photos and videos

Spotify: Scott Howard | Spotify

Rap Snacks Unsigned and One RPM Build A Bridge For Independent Artists

Hip-hop’s official snack brand, Rap Snacks activated a weeklong celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, unsigned artists, HBCU Symphonies and Black empowerment!
One RPM Studios + Rap Snacks Unsigned
The one-of-a-kind food and beverage company joined forces with music distribution company, One RPM to catapult the Rap Snacks Unsigned imprint. In Atlanta last night, Rap Snacks and One RPM executives invited independent music artists to a forum, announcing their plans for crowning and unsigned artist to receive a music distribution deal and marketing deal with Rap Snacks–to become the first unsigned artist featured on their popular, culture-driven snack packaging.


The evening was hosted at One RPM headquarters and included a panel discussion highlighting the goals of both companies’ mission to push African-American artists and creatives to the forefront of their brands.
Rap Snacks Executives: Bridget Evans, Kristian Newman and Dee Clark
The vibe and culture of the building dripped togetherness, creativity, and hunger. Over 100 independent artists, producers, talent managers, and others enjoyed an evening of tasty Rap Snacks, boardroom conversation and instructions on how to work with both brands moving forward.
Independent Artist Mazi (L)

We tip our hats to these organizations as they lead the charge empowering others and providing tools along the way.

Stay tuned for the Rap Snacks Unsigned One Love, One Mic concert taking place on Tuesday in Atlanta on, March 28 and the red carpet premiere of their HBCU collaboration, “Rap Snacks symphony” taking place on Friday, March 31.
Check out www.rapsnacks.net and @OfficialRapSnacks on Instagram for times and locations.


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