The Thing That Leads To The Thing

“You may be called to do something…but you don’t have to do it forever.”

Dr. Arriel Cymone has accomplished things some of us have never even aspired towards. She’s an accomplished chemist. Earning her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, she has served as a forensic chemist and expert witness for government agencies, trained FBI agents, and worked as an adjunct chemistry professor. “But there was more,” says Dr. Arriel Cymone. “I had done all of these things, and I was happy and blessed, to be sure, but I didn’t feel full. I didn’t feel fulfilled.”

Finding your more

Chemistry was always in the cards for Arriel. After receiving her first chemistry set at seven, she was hooked! She spent her days in the driveway mixing things and documenting the reactions. Once she realized how good at it she was, she dug in deeper, pursuing her passion throughout school and the early parts of her career.

“I wasn’t unhappy. It wasn’t discontentment,” says Arriel when talking about her pivot into becoming a life coach. “One of my favorite quotes is by Mark Twain. He said, ‘the two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.’ I found my purpose, my why.”

And now, she’s teaching others how to find theirs.

As an abundant life coach, Dr. Arriel Cymone combined the analytical skills she learned from her time as a chemist, and her experience in her own journey to finding purpose, to create the Concierge Coaching Laboratory. “In laboratories, we mix things up. In the Concierge Coaching Laboratory, we’ll be mixing up all the things about you and extracting everything holding you back, so you can live a full life, walking in your purpose. This recipe for success provides a personalized approach to your problems so that you feel like the king and queen you are!”

Create the dream life you deserve

Dr. Arriel teaches that your purpose and your dream are not as different as you think. These two things are closely related, and through her concierge services, such as Rise Up And Reign or her From Hoe To Housewife program, she will help you identify both and give you the tools you need to live a richer and more fulfilled life, starting with the life you’re living now.

Dr. Arriel Cymone has done it all, with over 15 years of professional experience and her personal journey toward her purpose, she combines them to help you excel, not just succeed.

Want to visit her website? Click here.

For The Culture, By A Black Woman

The plight of the black creative is not a new one.

From In Living Color and Martin to Vine, Twitter, and now TikTok, black creatives and black culture have set the trends. However, the paychecks, and the recognition, often don’t reflect that. Black creatives are making significantly less than their non-black counterparts, and that’s if they’re even being paid at all. Black creativity is often stifled or censored to pander to a specific (non-black) audience. Not only that, but they constantly deal with non-black creators stealing their content and becoming overnight sensations while they are often not even credited. Remember the “Addison Rae does TikTok dances on The Tonight Show” debacle? Are we doomed to keep repeating this cycle generation after generation? Not if Angel has anything to say about it.

The first black woman-owned podcast network.

Angel Livas has worked in the media and entertainment industry for over 20 years. She’s worked with all kinds of talent in television and radio, from Larry King to Tamar Braxton, from local radio stations to NBC. Her work has even been nominated for an NAACP award. After years of watching how the industry treated black creatives and how it affected the audiences, Angel decided to create the change she wished to see in the industry by launching the first black woman-owned podcast network.

Angel saw the impact that black creatives and black culture have had on the industry for decades and decided that instead of asking for more seats at the table…she would build her own.

Angel created The ALIVE Podcast Network (TAP-N) with the black creative and receiver at the heart of the platform. “It’s our job to be a voice and give a voice to people who feel like they don’t have that, and give them outlets to receive things they need.” Says Angel. “These big organizations don’t care how it impacts the community. They’re not set up for black people to thrive.” TAP-N not only gives black creatives editorial control of their content, but they will also offer talent development opportunities through masterminds and other events focused on the progression and monetization of the creative and their brand.

What kind of podcast do you need to join TAP-N? Spoiler alert: A black one.

From educational podcasts that break down business formation and wealth management strategies to comedic content to laugh with at the end of a long day, TAP-N wants to help you build and, most importantly, monetize your podcast. You need to have an authentic voice, be yourself! Believe in what you’re creating and your podcast’s message to the world.

The future of podcasting.

While TAP-N focuses primarily on the creative advancement of the black community, what Angel is accomplishing on a larger scale, is establishing a framework for other communities to learn from to create similar programs. She aims to help different cultures “create a unique experience for their content relevant to them.”


To learn more about ALIVE Podcast Network and become a subscriber, visit and follow @alivepodcastapp on all social platforms.

New Reality Show N’style Atlanta Uncut Premieres Wednesday, July 13th On Fox Soul

Cameras, Flashing lights, Red Carpets, VIP list – everyone’s a Celebrity in the ATL, the new Hollywood of the South; and there’s even more wanna-be-journalist reporting it. N’Style Atlanta Uncut is an docu-series about seven charismatic Black and Afro Latino Women who’s personalities may collide while working at Atlanta’s premier media outlet, N’Style Atlanta. In the world of entertainment whether they’re breaking news from red carpets or exclusive premier parties; these women are constantly struggling to maintain a balance of camaraderie and competition to deliver their story first. Can N’Style Atlanta Creator, Carmen Simmons turn into the premiere media outlet in Atlanta with this group of women before they destroy their friendships. N’Style Atlanta Uncut premieres on Fox Soul Wednesday July 13th 9/8C.

The episode starts off with Carmen stirring up the N’Style Atlanta team by adding a few new players. Nina Blanka introduces herself to the team with a stern productivity review. Jonesy shares her news reporting tips. Destinee comes to the team meeting late. Shayla Raye wants to know if Jett Blakk has the tea on Jonesy, and Terrance Terry takes on a new project. Will old habits die hard or continue?

N’Style Atlanta Uncut Cast includes Carmen Simmons, Jett Blakk, Skyebutterfli, Shayla Raye, Destinee Faith, Nina Blanka, Jonesy aka CJ, Natt Taylor, and Terrance Terry.

N’Style Atlanta (NSA) is a lifestyle and entertainment news outlet reporting on pop / urban culture and celebrity news and featuring Atlanta’s local celebrities, designers, businesses and personalities celebrating Atlanta’s vibrant and diverse culture and lifestyle. The executive producers for the show are Carmen Simmons, Arturo Ayers Jr, Omar Holland. Notable interviews include Angela Lewis, Rebecca Lynn Pope and Teheran “Tee” Jones.

Quitting Corporate America: Rahkim Sabree

Rahkim Sabree is a financial coach, TEDx speaker and author who recently went viral for this tweet. Sabree, who is a personal finance enthusiast with a decade of banking industry experience at various levels quit his job for mental health reasons. He is an advocate for mental health, especially in the Black community. Rahkim is grateful for the responses from others on social media. He says his tweet has permitted others to evaluate what makes them happy.

Rahkim’s parents separated at the age of 15. It’s when he became conscious of the household finances. Then, when he went into banking at the age of 21 his interest in finance sparked. According to Rahkim, while being a part of the banking industry he became the “resident finance guy” to his family and peers. He realized the advice he was giving family and friends was going right over their heads. He then made it a goal to make sure others understood financial literacy.

Rahkim hopes to create transparency around finances, so people can heal from their financial traumas. He teaches how to use fear to your advantage and use it to reach  goals. Financial literacy is often not taught in schools, discussed at home or in the workplace. This creates a secrecy around money and how to handle it. 

A lack of understanding of how money works creates an attitude of scarcity that says, “I need to get as much as I can before it all runs out!”  Rahkim states “I help to discuss money in a simplified way by addressing commonly held attitudes and beliefs about money while exploring the intersection of financial education, pop culture, and best practices to take the taboo out and create opportunities for empowerment.”

More recently, he has had an interest in mental health and finance, especially for People of Color. Rahkim says trauma in these communities plays a huge factor in finances, it shapes the everyday decisions made. He wants his community and others to be financially empowered, which is why he is so big on financial education. 

Rahkim is working on his third book, I Fired My Boss, Escaping Corporate Trauma. It’s focused on his experience in corporate America. He is published in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, The Grio, Black Enterprise, and Parents Magazine.

Check out his website here:

Follow him on social: @rahkimsabree



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