Tara Lynn Townes is Making her Mark by Putting a Stop to Bullying Nationwide

Mar 3, 2023

Jaira B. Williams

The Unexpected Beauty In Purpose

In life, we know the importance of seeking your overall being and purpose, and throughout a person’s journey, you’ll learn how your purpose can be found near your passion. For Tara Lynn Townes, creator of Bullying Buddy Consulting, her passion stems from a personal experience that turned into an application that will change the future of children and adult safety and reveal her purpose. 

Tara Lynn Townes is a speaker, author, inventor, and mental therapist with 20-plus years of experience assisting children, parents, and families. Leading up to her activism for bullying and app creation, Tara Lynn’s son was a victim of bullying. She decided to make a difference for her son and other children when she learned of this. According to the Centers for Disease Control, there are approximately 4,4000 deaths by suicide as a reflection of bullying in the U.S. Tara Lynn has become an expert in her skills to make a difference in these statistics.

 The bullying epidemic is widespread throughout the nation. It has continued to occur within schools and homes, causing a rapid change in communities and concerns for the mental and physical safety of the youth. Aiming to make a difference in lives and communities nationwide, Tara Lynn is working diligently to place her safety app in New Jersey schools and throughout the U.S. The Bullying Buddy app is an interactive tool for parents and children, created to record and alert parents and school administration in real time. If a child is a receiver of bullying, they can utilize the app to upload videos and pictures for their parents to have evidence and adequately intervene. The application also uses text reminders if parents can’t see the alert at the time sent. 

 Aside from the importance of intervening and trying to stop bullying, the app also educates its users with curriculum-based material and tools for identifying a bully in various situations to build awareness for its users. The Bullying Buddy app will show children they are not alone and encourage them to assist in preventing these actions. 

“The Holy Grail Bible To Bullying.”

 In the continued effort to build awareness in schools and households, Tara Lynn is set to release her book Are You Raising a Bully? on March 15, 2023, following a book tour to spread this growing issue causing the loss of so many young children. A New York Times Best-Selling Author calls this book the “Holy Grail and Bible to Bullying.” In this new release, Tara Lynn will discuss bullying, including examples and how to catch bullying in the early stages of a child’s life. 

 “Ages 2-7 are the pre-operational stages of development; this is where it begins to show up in children.”-Tara Lynn Townes.

As a mental therapist with an extensive background with adults, Tara Lynn created STOMP, a new app set to release in 2023 that will address adult bullying, sex trafficking, elderly abuse, and domestic and racial violence. This innovative creation will record and alert authorities as an incident occurs. The beauty of STOMP is that its users can alert up to five family members. 

With her passion for making this world a better and safer place, Tara Lynn must also balance a challenging profession and herself. To continue in this line of work, she mentions how staying grounded and maintaining a healthy spiritual life is how she continues to move forward. 

Tara believes love is the greatest healer; through her work, she wants to represent love and acceptance for all humanity. 

“With love, we will begin to see a place with less violence.”- Tara Lynn Townes.

To learn more about Tara Lynn Townes, visit www.thebullyingbuddy.com


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