Global Reparations Activist Kamm Howard Expands Knowledge in 15-City Tour

Mar 3, 2023

Jaira B. Williams

“We Are Determined To Win”

African American communities have been receivers of hate crimes and financial neglect for centuries while being stripped of their true history. Throughout the years, Black communities have begun to find their power and fight for what is right and rightfully theirs. California-based company Reparations United and director Kamm Howard, MBA, have taken the lead in educating Black communities and redressing the harm toward its communities to make a federal change.

Reparations United aims to build a lean structure to select specific issues and educate, organize, and mobilize existing coalitions to fund community preparatory programs. In efforts to build awareness during this critical time in America for African American communities, Reparations United has begun embarking on its 15-city Unity Tour with a message of “The Mission, the Mandate and the Method,”—seeking to diffuse the contentions in the movement that distracts communities from the goal of reparations.

“As Long as We Are in A Situation of Not Being Free, I’m Always Going to Fight.”

Director Kamm Howard is a global activist and former Co-Chair of N’COBRA, where he assisted in forming the vision, developing, and implementing many actions to catapult the reparations movement. Howard’s drive stems from extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of what the African American culture has experienced. He believes that as a people, you can do anything in this country, as African Americans have exceeded each time; they believe they can.

“We will manifest this mission through our work, strategy, and building the collective will of activists in communities across America.” – Kamm Howard.

The Reparations Unity Tour is a movement laser-focused on educating communities and motivating Black Americans to push this issue to a national discussion. This opportunity to get to a better place as a people in America demands effort from all. The goal date for establishing the Executive Order is 2023’s Juneteenth holiday.

According to Kamm, there has been a 25% increase in support of reparations for African Americans from outside demographics that now have the knowledge of the importance of this movement, making this the most critical time to continue to push forward. The ultimate goal is to receive pointed acknowledgment and public apology similar to that of Holocaust victim descendants.

The 15-city tour has traveled throughout California, beginning in Oakland, and will proceed in St. Louis on March 25-26, 2023, and New York on March 29, 2023. With a mantra of “We are Determined to Win,” the Reparations Unity tour has created an impact.

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