CASSIUS F. BUTTS: An Exceptional Moment With An Exceptional Man

Feb 24, 2023

Jaira B. Williams

To converse with American businessman and two-time presidential appointee, Cassius F. Butts means that you’ll walk away with an abundance of motivation. His intelligence, wit, and charisma are just a few of the things that make him stand out. To avoid being pigeonholed, he always strived to be unconventional—and found creative workarounds to life and educational obstacles. A strong man of faith, he has never  conformed to the status quo. Instead, he believes in following a steady path and trusting in himself rather than societal “norms.”

 Appointed by President Barack Obama, Cassius was the first African-American to earn the seat of Region IV head for the U.S. Small Business Association (SBA). In five record-setting years, he oversaw the distribution of over $30 billion in loans to small businesses in eight southern states. Having worked in various industries, he has acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise, which he employs effectively in his current positions.

Paying it forward, Cassius has stated on record that his life experiences significantly influenced his entrepreneurial path and his ability to assist numerous entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

“To be exceptional; one must do something for someone other than oneself.” — Cassius, on using his platform to elevate others.

His work for the Democratic and Republican parties tops the list of his career accomplishments, but he’s only scratched the surface!

Looking at his extensive experience on paper, one might assume Cassius has never encountered any obstacles, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. His book debut, Exceptional: Being the Exception to the Rule chronicles his journey through education, career growth and everything in between. During the read, he reveals how he developed the necessary confidence to climb what some would consider an impossible ladder.  

When asked how he stays grounded with such an illustrious repertoire and record-breaking success, he says he thinks about humility, honesty, and letting himself be vulnerable daily. 

 Cassius’s debut book discusses various methods for turning tragedy into triumph and is set for release in Q1, 2023. Leaders in business and those with an entrepreneurial spirit will find great value in this book. Cassius discusses his quest for enlightenment, his wide range of personal experiences, and the faith that informs his daily decisions and actions. With confidence, we know that his book will inspire and motivate readers to go after their dreams and make an impact in the world.

 “It has been my experience that you, as an individual, exist because you have a purpose. What you have to offer has value and meaning, so it stands to reason that others have meaning and purpose too.” —Cassius F. Butts

Cassius Butts’s multi-city tour is scheduled to kick off in Boston in March. 

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