The Power of Inner Child Healing: An Interview with Juniper Jillian Joy

Mar 22, 2023

The Recap Report Staff

Juniper Jillian Joy, a former blues artist turned life coach, author, and proponent of healing one’s inner child, shares her moving story of transformation and self-discovery. In this interview, she talks about how her faith has influenced her work as well as her experiences in overcoming childhood trauma. Joy’s new book, The First Story of Intentions, is a fantasy fiction fable based on her own life events. She shares from her journey to wholeness and self-acceptance in order to spread her message of hope, faith, and belief. Prepare to be inspired by Joy’s inspiring testimony of inner fortitude and resiliency as she guides others to practice self-love, self-care, and self-trust.

Q: Who is Juniper Jillian Joy and what are three words that you would use to describe yourself?

A: I am the “Inner Child Warrior.”

Juniper is my inner child’s name. Jillian is the teacher in me. Joy is what I intend to bring to myself and everyone everywhere through my books and sharing openly, vulnerably and intimately.

Q: What inspired your pivot from blues artist to life coach and financial strategies to now an Author and an advocate for inner child healing?

A: I spent most of my whole life fragmented due to childhood emotional trauma that caused me to be emotionally unavailable and stunted. As I healed my trauma, I healed my inner child and became whole within myself. I could no longer live the life I had been living. I went from a life of limitations to limitless possibilities that can only be described as miraculous. It’s just too amazing to keep to myself! I want everyone to know how to heal their inner child so that everyone everywhere can live in peace, love and joy!

Q: You have overcome many trials from your childhood and your former marriages. What motivated you to keep going?

A: I have always enjoyed learning. Once I transformed my life, I no longer needed outside validation, motivation or inspiration. I knew I was living my divine path, plan and purpose. Now I have the assurance of peace, love and joy in all areas of my life, knowing I am my own True North along my new journey inside myself, for myself, to myself. My motivation is my desire to serve others as a teacher and guide.

Q: Tell us about The First Story of Intentions: The Introduction to the Inner Child.

A: The First Story of Intentions is written as a fantasy fiction fable based on true events in my life that have been carefully crafted and woven into of each main character to show the complexity yet simplicity of situations that we all experience throughout our lives that leads to self-acceptance, self-discovery and self-awareness as the guide to self-trust, self-love and self-care building hope, faith and believe through our own perception.

Q: How has your faith influenced your work?

A: I have found faith to be two-fold for me. My faith in God helped build my internal faith for self. Being raised Pentecostal by my mother who was a spiritual warrior, a leader, a beautiful singer, beautiful inside and out, a prophetess and processed an amazing wisdom far beyond her years, just like her mother, the prayer warrior. My mother loved unconditionally. It was felt by everyone that ever met her. By having these two powerful women in my life and growing up with my mother teaching me how to recognize and use my gifts and talents with empathy as I see the blockages that hold people back from their intended destiny. Being present to see and feel my granny and mother talk to God in prayer, guide others to God’s love and light was the very foundation that has made me…me! I know I’ve lived on my granny and mothers’ prayers long after they passed away. I knew there would come a time that I had to take responsibility for myself. My journey began when I lost my voice for a solid year and told God, “If you give me voice back, I will use it for you!” After a year of speech therapy, my voice came back stronger than ever before and now I am the voice for the voiceless as I live, teach others through my songwriting, singing and writing my books to heal their inner child until each person can find their voice, speak their truth, stand in their power and create healthy boundaries and limitations in all areas of life through the inner child connection.

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