Greenish Brands Host Event Empowering, Educating, and Celebrating Black Cannabis Professionals

Mar 24, 2023

The Recap Report Staff


Diversity and inclusion have made their way to the forefront of Black communities and businesses and have no plans to stop until equality is met for all. Amid diversifying industries created with minority biases, Greenish Vibes and Greenish Events partnered with the San Diego County of Black Chamber of Commerce to host a purposeful event celebrating, empowering, and educating Black professionals and entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry.

To understand how the war on drugs in America affected Black and minority communities, you will then understand how the knowledge of building generational wealth in a legal cannabis industry is nothing less than equitable for Black entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Greenish Brands is a luxury apothecary wellness brand founded and created by Danicka Brown-Frazier. Within Greenish Brands are Greenish Vibes and Greenish events, which intentionally collaborate with Black and indigenous people of color and women-owned brands to host educational lifestyle experiences to build community.


Greenish Events recently hosted a Black Founders in Cannabis Panel in San Diego on March 3, 2023. This event produced knowledge from many successful cannabis professionals, including Freeway Ricky Ross, Virgil Grant, and Cheryl Morrow, who all provided insight into building their careers in a rapidly growing industry. The cannabis industry lacks inclusion, impacting Black Americans; reports show that 4.3% of cannabis is owned or co-owned by Black business owners. The panelist also gave insight into challenges created to keep the Black entrepreneur out of this industry and solutions to overcome and succeed.

“We hope that this event’s momentum and impact will inspire industry leaders, policymakers, and consumers alike to continue creating opportunities for marginalized communities. “- Danicka Brown-Frazier.

Black entrepreneurs must be represented correctly and take advantage of the cannabis industry, as the Black culture itself is filled with movers and shakers in any industry. As culture leaders, Greenish Brands are creating a positive narrative for Black entrepreneurs not just to own a business but learn how to become heirs and heiresses of companies to leave to their families.

The importance for Black communities, professionals, and entrepreneurs is to work on being creative in not just the cannabis industry. Still, in any industry, find the gray areas and use what you have to succeed. It’s essential to break the stigma of a drive in the Black community that can build generational wealth. Greenish Brands have established a rapport with other Black businesses to carry their products and spread knowledge and support to create a space for all Black entrepreneurs and cannabis professionals.

The next Greenish Event’s experience is scheduled for April 16, 2023, in San Diego, CA, featuring Freeway Ricky Ross.

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