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A Night of Art, Culture, and Class: The Mary Parker Foundation Presents The King’s Exhibition

This New Year’s Eve, one night at Atlanta’s Junction 2800 will blend together art, culture, class, and philanthropy in the name of The King’s Exhibition. This exhibition is being presented by The Mary Parker Foundation and The Book Bank Foundation. This night of expected huge momentum will also feature the works of legendary artist, Jean-Michel Basqiat. Being one of the most successful artists in history, Basqiat’s work is expected to not only reintroduce his amazing talent but to also showcase the artistic footprint he left behind. The Mary Parker Foundation founder, Mary Parker, and The Book Bank Foundation founder, Dr. Glenn Toby, opened up about the exhibition and what they hope the night will bring for those in attendance. 

Before transitioning into their philanthropic roles, both Mary and Dr. Toby acquired many accolades as entrepreneurs. Early-on inspiration drove both to become their own bosses. 

Mary says that she was inspired at the early age of four years old after her grandfather shared his journey of becoming self-employed due to sharecropping not producing enough money to take care of their family. “That’s when I was first introduced to the concept. But when I knew I was born to be an entrepreneur was when I was serving as director of security for one of the automobile industries, and I was demoted without cause. And when a young White male who had no experience was promoted to the position, I decided then that I no longer could allow anyone to determine my destiny. As such, I went out on my own and here we are.” In 2001, Mary launched her global security firm, ALL N ONE. Today, it is a multi-million dollar enterprise. Specializing in Security Technology, Personal Security, and Traffic Control and has provided security services for major events such as the Super Bowl, NBA All-Star Game, PGA Tour, Trumpet Awards, and the historic commencement speech given by President Barack Obama at Morehouse College in 2013.

Having already established himself in the hip-hop industry, Dr. Toby got a firsthand experience of the business world. He soon dug deeper into a core interest he had developed when it came to business. He began managing artists, discovering artists, and even found himself in the role of an NFL agent. Eventually, Dr. Toby went on to become founder and CEO of Glenn Toby Enterprises, a leading international holding corporation that controls companies in the world of real estate, asset management, and technology (as well as a multi-tiered entertainment and athlete management company). Dr. Toby is also founder of another organization near and dear to his heart, providing homeless children and their families with resources for combating illiteracy. “The love and interest…I think it’s my life assignment…The Book Bank Foundation, which is a charity working with The Mary Parker Foundation to change the world in the underserved [communities]. My drive [towards entrepreneurship] was transferring from entertainment. The bigger the money, the bigger the interest, the bigger the return. That’s what bridged me into the world of business.”

When it comes to The King’s Exhibition, taking place December 31st, Mary and Dr. Toby both agree this event will help bridge more knowledge into those underserved communities, by allowing the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat to play a big role. But why the work of Basquiat for this particular event? Dr. Toby shares, “This man is one of the most prominent artists on the planet. When I found Basquiat’s work, I would say to myself that I found myself in it, because he was a DJ, he was an artist, and he kind of represents so many of our people in the Hip-Hop culture and education and fashion expressions. The way he resonated and reached people with seamless integration, concepts, religions, societies…I felt I had a responsibility to share it with our people.” Dr. Toby says he’s able to move that vision forward with the help of The Mary Parker Foundation.

“I was actually introduced to the works of Basquiat through the studies of my granddaughter, who is a fine arts major,” shares Mary. “The reason we’re doing this exhibition at Junction 2800 in Southwest Atlanta is to reintroduce arts to this particular community. The purpose of this event is to bring affluent influencers into our community, because typically they don’t come. We want to give them a reason to come back. And as a result of that, we are going all out.” For those who’d like to attend the exhibition, tickets are available on, where you will also have the option to purchase an in-person ticket or a virtual ticket that will be available for the event that night as well.

Both Mary and Dr. Toby also took time to share what they hope to see more of as we head into 2022. For Dr. Toby, he says, “Just an awareness. Once you’re fully aware, we won’t have to ask you for donations. We won’t have  to ask you to show up. Because the life that you impact, is really your own. Let’s battle the lack of education and let’s increase resources to the underserved.” Mary also shares the same sentiments. “The King’s Exhibition is like our coming out party. We’re introducing ourselves so that people become more aware of what we’re doing and why we’re doing this in  the community. I want to see more organizations, more communities, and elected officials to see what we’re doing and feel so convicted to come and join forces. I want to see more collaboration.”

To learn more about The King’s Exhibition and purchase your tickets, make sure to visit


10 Influencers Who Are Keeping Instagrammers and TikTokers on Their Toes

It comes as no shock that we’ve seen a huge shift of influence come from social media over the last few years. That influence has come from the music we’ve come across, the reviews of our favorite binge-worthy shows, and most importantly…the people. You might not even realize that the people you watch across various social media platforms have had such a great influence on you. However, these influencers, as they are widely known, have made that impact on us to a point where many of us now seek out what they find “in style” or “worthy” of attention. Some might consider it good or even bad, but it’s safe to say these influencers have helped shape the world in which we live. Over the past year, amid the pandemic and with more of us having time to scroll our timelines, influencers have had even more opportunity to partake in the growing of their brands and even more chances to capture our attention. Here are 10 influencers I believe have helped shake things up and should be on your radar!

Arnell Armon

When it comes to beauty and fashion, Arnell Armon is that girl! She’s an Instagram influencer who dabbles in the various topics of makeup, hair, fashion, and lifestyle. With over 600,000 followers it’s quite clear many have taken a liking to what she has shown. Many of her followers look forward to each post just to keep up with her skincare routine alone. You can check out her Instagram by following @arnell.armon 



Hailie Jade

You may or may not be aware of the fact that Hailie Jade is the daughter of rap star, Eminem. Well shockingly, I had no clue. I was drawn in by her cool layout and her pictures that made me instantly think she was a model. However, once I found out, it made me even more intrigued to keep her on my radar. That’s why I recommend her to be on your radar as well. You can follow her @hailiejade  




As a blogger, Bronnie has the influence of many fashion-forward followers. Her outfits are dazzling with a hint of streetwear. She has the ability to make even the simplest outfit look like it came right off the runway. I admire her sense of style as well as her simplicity to make it look so easy to put together. With an Instagram following inching closer to 300,000, she’s definitely one influencer to keep on your radar. You can keep up with her by following @bronnniee



Tamu McPherson

Not only does Tamu McPherson hold a title of influencer, but she’s also founder and creator of All the Pretty Birds, an online magazine-blog-type community for a multiethnic and multicultural audience. Tamu’s style and grace shed light on that very existence of the multicultural aspects of street style and overall beauty. You can find her on Instagram by following @tamumcpherson

Kara Roselle Smith

Afro-indigenous model and writer, Kara Roselle Smith, is probably one of my favorite influencers out of this year. As a writer and activist, she’s able to bring beauty and brains together and make it work in a way that seems effortless. It’s very admirable especially in a society that can sometimes make it seem that the two cannot coexist. She’s high on my radar for sure, so I encourage you to check her out by following her Instagram, @kararoselles

Freedom At The Mat

For all the women out there who need that everyday moment of simply being able to take care of your mind, body, and soul’s well-being, this is the Instagram page for you to follow (@freedomatthemat). By following, you’ll be able to receive tips and other ideas of aid when it comes to self-care. It’s important to keep up with what is happening around you, but even more important to focus on what matters the most…and that’s your mind, body, and soul.



Jordan Airiyah

Jordan Airiyah, also known as @jordanfromvegaz, has to be one of my absolute favorite TikTok influencers. Her videos are always amusing and straight to the point…and might I add super relatable. She’s climbing to almost 700,000 followers and it comes as no shock to me. I’ve even made a couple of videos myself using sound from her own original videos. If you’re looking for content to keep you laughing and also that you can relate to, follow her.



Grant Khanbalinov (heyellianafamily)

I know TikTok is very popular for many of its comedic influencers…you’ve seen who I have enjoyed so far above. However, one of my favorite influencers happens to be the family of Grant Khanbalinov. He often uploads videos of him and his wife’s children, who very recently this year created several videos paying homage to the movie Matilda and popular Netflix show Stranger Things. I found the videos to be so adorable with their daughter playing the parts of the respective characters in each movie. Give @heyellianafamily a follow to see how they capture their family moments.


Amiracle Williams

Known as @heartofcreations on TikTok, Amiracle Williams defines herself as a “goofy multitalented chick”. Each video she uploads shows her comedic side, as well the deliverance of that everyday friend who you look to when you’re in search of a good laugh. She brings beauty with a touch of great comedic timing.





Cassie Stephens

Tennessee art teacher Cassie Stephens reminds us all of that elementary art teacher we had that we always viewed as super cool and so kind. Her TikTok account (@cassie_stephens) brings those exact thoughts to life, which is what makes her so interesting to keep on your radar. She’s relatable and funny with her artsy outfits that take you back to your childhood days. 




Art of Fashion: From Creative Hobby To Blogging Business Venture

For many of us, clothes and shoes are just items we wear to prevent us from walking around with exposed bodies. But for some, like Jared Perry, clothes and shoes are an opportunity to express one’s personality and also their sense of style. Many of us have heard it before, “clothes make the man”. While it can be interpreted in many ways, for Jared, it adds that certain swag and creation of confidence we all on some level search for. Those exact thoughts are what led to Art of Fashion. 

Art of Fashion is an up and coming fashion blog that officially came to life on April 11, 2021. The blog caters to both men and women who are more into that athletic look with a nice dose of fresh swag. Shoes have always been a big part of Jared’s own swag, so it was important that he made sure to incorporate them into each look. Recently, Jared was able to attend Sneaker Con in Boston, Massachusetts. This is the premier sneaker event in which many popular sneakers are put on display. You can think of it as the Oscars of the sneaker world. The event was able to give Jared an even clearer vision he has for Art of Fashion. “Attending the Sneaker Con was something I was really looking forward to just because it helped me decide how I can expand my blog and even what my followers would probably appreciate that I add on.”

Jared Perry, Art of Fashion Founder & CEO

Not only has Jared’s Art of Fashion blog provided a look at his own take on fashion, but it has become a platform for other up and coming fashion bloggers as well. “It’s nice to be able to show off my own personal style with my blog, but I also like the idea of being able to show love and appreciation to my fellow peers and friends.” Art of Fashion even currently offers free promotion for other fashion enthusiasts and bloggers. When asked if this free promotion would remain in the future, Jared answered, “I don’t want to say yes and I don’t want to say no. Right now, I’m playing it by ear because Art of Fashion is still growing. But I will say that I’ll help and show love to fellow upcoming bloggers as much as I can. A win for one of us, is a win for all.”

Although still new to the blogger game, Jared also opened up about the future of Art to Fashion and what current followers and current followers can expect. “The Art of Fashion blog is on the road to becoming one of the hottest fashion blogs on Instagram…and eventually on the Internet as a whole.” Followers can look forward to exclusive content such as outfit of the day, outfit of the week, release days for sneakers, and sneaker talk videos. 

When asked for any advice he would offer for those thinking of creating a blog themselves, Jared says, “Go for it. The more you think about it, the more you’re probably going to try and convince yourself not to do it. If it’s something you’re passionate about, people will support it. Believe in your vision and yourself.”

You can keep up with Art of Fashion by following @artoffashionn_ on Instagram.




Becoming a Superhero: C. Ariane Durden’s Journey Fighting For A Healthy World One Page At A Time

For C. Ariane Durden, one of her greatest passions in her career has always been nutritioneven more specifically, nutrition in children and those of the younger generation. It all started when she was just a student at the University of Georgia. As a Georgia Bulldog, Ariane was able to study Consumer Foods and Nutrition, graduating with a B.S. degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. Upon receiving that degree, she’s been able to devote the last 10 years of her career advocating for good nutrition, as well as exercise. Her biggest goal? “Fighting childhood obesity one day at a time.” 

Over the last decade, specifically here in the U.S., we’ve seen a huge increase in the consumption of fast food and sugar. Mix that with less than the desired amount of exercise and obesity becomes an issue. For Ariane, it’s just something she feels can be fought offin children, especially. She feels it’s never too early to practice making those healthy decisions. That’s why one of the steps in her career as a nutrition educator led her to author her award-winning children’s book, Becoming a Superhero.

Ariane Durden’s debut award-winning book, Becoming a Superhero

Becoming a Superhero encourages children to eat healthy foods and exercise through play. As to how she came up with this bright idea of getting through to children through this book, she credits that to her inspiration of former First Lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch initiative. “First Lady Michelle Obama is my business icon. I was inspired by her Let’s Move! Initiative while I was studying nutrition in Dr. Cotwright’s class at UGA in 2014.” Her debut book has even gone on to help Ariane become the recipient of two Independent Press Awards, which are given to those who exhibit the courage, innovation, and creativity to bring about change in the world of publishing. Ariane says that as an active member of the National Organization of Blacks in Dietetics and Nutrition, her “overall mission is to aid lowering rates of childhood obesity.”

Ariane was also awarded as the 2021 Winner in Children’s Diet and Nutrition, as well as the 2021 Distinguished Favorite in Children’s Inspiration. Even though she has received these prestigious awards, Ariane says her journey as a nutrition educator is far from complete. She’s been able to continue work recently as a SNAP-Ed Program Assistant with UGA County Extension. As far as future plans, Ariane says, “I plan to get a Masters’s degree in Dietetics with a professional goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian.” As a registered dietitian, she’ll be able to take on an even bigger fight towards ending childhood obesity. 

With Ariane’s career centered around nutrition and learning the best way to stay healthy, she admits it’s not always easy. For those part of lower-income families and communities, it can seem even harder. That’s also been one of her focused goals as well. She witnessed that very issue in her own high school. However, she says it’s helped her to discover the desire she has to create that balance of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, no matter who you are. Ariane says her greatest life lesson is “to overcome life’s challenges and go after your dreams and never give up!”

You can visit to learn more about Ariane’s mission and purchase a copy of Becoming a Superhero for a child you love. Make sure you keep up with Ariane’s journey of fighting to create a healthier world by following both her Instagram page (@supersashajones) and Facebook page (@SuperSashaJones).



Up Close With NAACP DeKalb President Teresa Hardy

Teresa Hardy, current president of the NAACP Dekalb County, Georgia branch has spent much of her career advocating for a growing presence in the community. That’s why she’s also known as the “Change Agent” when it comes to bridging that gap between the people, government, elected officials, businesses, and other communities. As a woman in the role of such great power, she’s received numerous awards for membership increases, political action, voter registration, and voter empowerment at Regional, State, and National NAACP conventions.

Teresa opened up about her path to becoming President of NAACP Dekalb, one in which she says aligned with the kind of person she says has always beena leader. “For me personally, I’ve always been a leader. It goes all the way back to elementary school, high school, and college. I moved here 21 years ago and became the Homeowners’ Association president, and got skills with doing community activities and engagements there. I became a member of the NAACP about 16 years ago and pretty much started out as a regular member and got involved.” After volunteering and being an avid participator, Teresa went on to become assistant treasurer, Vice President, and eventually president in 2016. 

As a leader, not only just in this organization, but overall, Teresa says she was drawn to a service oriented mindset initially from a workforce perspective, stemming from her work as a management consultant. “I’ve always been on the advocacy side trying to support and promote Black people. To be able to go and do those things in the community, that’s when I switched.” Going into the community to do work, as well as being a recruiter for Clark Atlanta University is when Teresa says she noticed a gap in the knowledge and access to opportunities. From there, she knew in that moment it was a goal of hers to learn more on how to close that gap.

Ms. Hardy also took the chance to open up more about efforts and initiatives that are coming from the NAACP Dekalb branch as 2021 closes out. This past November, the branch held its Thanksgiving Turkey Drive-Thru Giveaway, as well as the promotion of voters to head back to the polls for the recent runoff elections. “Promoting local elections is more important to me than the presidential election. If you get a president in and have no congress, you get nothing. If we don’t go in heavily on these local elections, we won’t be able to thrive. We are also monitoring the redistricting efforts that our elected officials are doing down at the general assembly.” She says the branch will continue, as well, with their regular general membership meeting on the fourth Saturday of the month.

Teresa Hardy receives Women of the Year Award from Women Media Group

Success has definitely been a part of Teresa’s journey in her career. Past accolades include The Community Service Award with DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office, Bold and Fearless Award with NCBW Stone Mountain Chapter and Women of the Year Award from Women Media Group. She’s even helped the NAACP Dekalb branch with a huge increase in its membership by more than 50%.

Outside of her outstanding leadership role for the renowned organization, and as mentioned before, Teresa does work as a consultant, providing program management expertise to business solutions. In that role, she has been able to build even more of a resumé when it comes to helping others gain more knowledge and resolutions in whatever issues they are faced with. In her own words, Teresa describes herself as “a leader, passionate, and an innovator.” She also lives by the quote, “if they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”

Regarding future goals and what’s on the horizon, Teresa says, “As far as personal goals, I’m still trying to figure that out. I do have some things in mind over the next five years. I do want to expand and expound on my businesses.” She also says that as long as she’s living and breathing, she will continue to do advocacy work and the possibility of a look into changing public policy.

You can keep up with what’s happening with the NAACP Dekalb branch, under President Teresa Hardy’s leadership, by following their Instagram page (@naacpdekalb).


Building A House Of Success: Troy Vincent Expands The Engraving House Empire

Photo Credit: Troy Vincent

It takes hard work, dedication, and much time to become successful. Just ask Troy Vincent, founder and owner of The Engraving House, a company founded to help provide monument services. Since 2013, The Engraving House has been a staple in the creation of permanent keepsakes associated with customers’ personal memories, events, and other special occasions. The Engraving House has even seen a boom in revenue as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. All-in-all, this has created a continuing shift in success that has resulted in even more favor for The Engraving House. You may be thinking, what exactly helped lead to this success? Troy once shared, “The driving force is my yearning desire to be successful. I define success as being able to identify your purpose, and then on a daily basis walk in that purpose. It’s an everyday challenge and one that I fully embrace.”

Not only can having one’s own business become a joyful ride, there can sometimes be moments in which it can be difficult, but Troy shares an important hack in staying the course. “The biggest thing for me is that I don’t have a plan B.This is it for me and I had my vision. Having that vision, I can just work towards staying on it.” Fortunately for Troy, staying on the course of  that vision has certainly paid off.  

In early 2021, he acquired a well respected, competing engraving company. Continuing to expand his company’s imprint, in October 2021 he acquired another long-standing family owned engraving company headquartered in Lithonia, Georgia. The Engraving House’s recent growth has catapulted Troy’s business imprint to include more territory in the Southeastern region. With that, Troy soon realized that the growth of his business would mean the business would have to see growth in the change of operations.

Photo Credit: Troy Vincent

The expansion of The Engraving House, this has led Troy to open another division, Southeast Stoneworks. Growth has also prompted hiring new executive staff for both of his DeKalb County based locations. As important as it is for Troy to be present in the management and operations of his business, it takes an entire team effort to ensure that the success he has achieved thus far remains. This company expansion through new personnel not only allows for that to occur, but it allows for even more expansion to take place in the future. So, for Troy, this isn’t just a one-man show. It’s the opportunity to help build the community by offering opportunities in his very own setting. In turn,  this has also provided an opportunity for Troy to take strides to be a positive member of the community.

In taking those very strides to becoming a positive influence in the community, Troy has taken on the role of NAACP DeKalb County, Georgia branch board member. As a board member of NAACP DeKalb, it has provided another form of leadership, this time  in which Troy has been able to help continue efforts on addressing social injustices and encouraging community involvement. As a black man, this platform, along with the success he has achieved as a businessman, further embodies Troy Vincent as a powerful black man who is setting precedence for what it means to be a good example for those coming behind him.

Although the road to success calls for hard work, determination, and patience, Troy shares what has kept him motivated along the way. It’s something that may keep the next entrepreneur to keep going on their very own path to success. “My motivation is just being the best person I can be…and that’s both on a personal level and professional level as well. I feel like all of us have been given gifts and we have a purpose, and the challenge is really identifying what that purpose is.” 

To learn more about The Engraving House and all of the services they provide, you can visit 


Rhonda Savain: One Woman, Many Hats, And Much Success

Many words describe Rhonda Savain—ambitious, determined, go-getter, and phenomenal. Actually, those exact words could describe. She’s proven to live up to them and even more. She’s proven that although faced with challenges that might hold some back, she has had the determination to not only face roadblocks, but to kick them to the curb. Her path has included battling breast cancer to becoming a certified professional life coach. After sitting down with The Recap Report, she opened up about what makes her the phenomenal  woman she is—Rhonda Savain.

Rhonda Savain is a woman with many hats, including several career paths in the fields of  nursing, teaching, and the United States Naval Reserve. But with all the success she found in those paths, she shared how life coaching differs from the rest. “In the other aspects of my life, it’s all about me and it’s all about myself. But with life coaching, you have to put yourself aside and have a lot of empathy, sympathy, and consider others.” Rhonda is founder of Decisions life Coaching, which brings to life the many services of helping one discover that decisions are not a matter of chance, but rather a matter of choice. Services include life coaching on topics of adolescent life, those battling cancer, career development, and those students pursuing nursing careers.

Although it can be easy to determine whether or not you just may be in need of some life coaching, Rhonda also opened up about how to make sure it is the right plan for you and shared what is the correct first step to make in that process. “I would say they have to do an assessment. Assessment always comes first. And with that, I mean maybe sit down and take an inventory of really what you want to do. Because some people say they want to make changes in their life and aren’t really ready.” She also shared her own methods of assessment, including writing and taking notes—which she says can help further determine what someone truly wants. Rhonda also mentioned one of the biggest challenges for those who look into making changes in their lives. “I think one of the main challenges with people is that a lot of them are very unorganized. So they have a lot of thoughts, a lot of dreams, a lot of inspirations, but are not able to accomplish anything because their brain is too scattered.” She urged that by sitting down, getting focus, and prioritizing would be step one.

Another aspect that shows just how the willingness and determination of Rhonda Savain has played a part in her life and accomplishments, include the legacy and imprint she wants to leave behind for younger generations. “My number one thing would be don’t give up. In life we’re constantly faced with a lot of different challenges, and as adults, I think sometimes we don’t realize it’s just a part of the process.” She also elaborated on how facing her own challenges in life has led her to becoming the person she is today. But she also had another thought for people to not forget. “Don’t let anybody take advantage of you, regardless of who that person is. Always stand for what you feel is right. When you fight for what’s right, you always win.”

Rhonda has seen much success throughout her various careers, and for many there are specific habits to follow that can help lead down that path. For her, she says discipline is one of the main attributes to the person she is. Growing up with a strict mother and also United States Naval Reserve training both contributed to her success. “I would say that’s [discipline] probably one of the main habits that is necessary to be successful. When those hard challenges come, the discipline is what’s going to keep you grounded and help you to continue to move forward.” Another habit that can lead to success? Rhonda says making sure you are organized. “You can’t be successful if you’re all over the place. You have to keep your work space and your home space neat.”

When looking toward the future, Rhonda says she believes that writing an autobiography just may be in store, although she does currently have a book out already on tips for nursing students to assist them on passing their boards exam. “I think there’s a book in me. So many have told me that my story is incredible. I think my life story deserves a book and maybe a movie—if I can get someone willing to take that on. The things I’ve been through are just unbelievable, and I believe the book and the movie will shed light on that and help a lot of people. So I think that’s next.”

To learn more about Rhonda Savain’s journey and even discover if life coaching is the next step in your journey, you can visit You can also follow her on Instagram @decisionslc as well find her on Facebook @DecisionsLC.

A Peek Inside the Glamorous Life of The Glam Twinz

Kelsey and Kendra Murrell, better known as the faces behind YouTube’s The Glam Twinz, have proven to be just as glamorous. For over 10 years, Kelsey and Kendra have delivered endless videos covering a range of topics, from their natural hair journey to fashion hauls, lifestyle, and relationship advice. And now with almost 700,000 subscribers and a best-selling book, it’s easy to say that their existence in the YouTube universe has made quite the impact. The Glam Twinz recently sat down for an exclusive interview with The Recap Report on their success, future endeavors, and an overall look into their glamorous world.

What started off as just an account to watch YouTube videos on, eventually led to the creation of their own channel. Kendra shares it was more of an afterthought in the midst of them discovering other channels. This was also a time that both sisters began the transition from relaxed to natural hair. With constant questions on their natural hair journey, the Murrell sisters thought it was the ideal solution—develop their own channel that focused on just that. At the time, the transition to natural hair was not as widely popular as we see today. This just further influenced both Kelsey and Kendra to share their own personal tips of their daily hair care routines. For black women, hair is a very hot topic of discussion and The Glam Twinz helped to shed light on the topic by providing a platform in which would answer those curious questions and help their fellow peers on their own specific journeys. The responses from their audience have proven the impact they have made so far. Kelsey shared that she was simply surprised at just the number of people their channel has helped over the years. After hearing many success stories on others’ natural hair journey, The Glam Twinz agree it has been one of the most rewarding aspects on being YouTubers.

Kelsey is the more forward half of the duo, while Kendra has a more reserved nature. At first glance, it can be easy to assume that the two will mirror each other. As twins, it is a common assumption. However, it’s more like they feed off of each other—which makes them even more of a dynamic duo. From their individual social media platforms to their simple reactions while filming videos for their YouTube channel, it’s an understatement to say they work well together.

While The Glam Twinz do focus on natural hair as a main topic on their channel, they also discuss other topics—including lifestyle, relationships, and fashion. One of the biggest events in fashion, The Met Gala, recently took place this past mid-September. The eyes of the world, including Kelsey and Kendra, were on those who attended—specifically the extravagant fashions they decided to wear. They even had their favorite outfits of the night. “My favorite was definitely Iman. She looked amazing. When I saw her, my mouth dropped. I also liked Kendall Jenner’s look. It was very classic but with a modern twist to it.” As for the designer she’d choose to wear if invited to attend the event herself, “Thierry Mugler or Balmain.” As for Kendra, she shares, “My favorite was Megan Fox. I was obsessed with her look. I loved the faux bangs, and I loved the braided long pony[tail] she had. The red, she was gorgeous. I loved her makeup.” And if she were in attendance herself, Kendra says she would wear Vivienne Westwood or Versace.

With the growing trend of many people deciding to take the route of becoming YouTubers, it was important to ask that with the success they have seen, how have The Glam Twinz set their channel apart from the many others—specifically those who focus on the same topics. “I would say with us, we just try to be ourselves as much as possible. Honestly, we can’t help it. We’re a little bit too blunt. But people tend to like it. I would say just being ourselves,” answered Kelsey. “And being authentic! So, it usually comes on accident, but we were just being ourselves,” Kendra added on. And with a steady increase of more and more subscribers, it seems to be working. As of the end of September 2021, The Glam Twinz have over 76.4 million views on YouTube. And their success does not end there. The sisters are also best-selling authors. They released a book in 2016, The GlamTwinz Guide to Longer, Healthier Hair, centered around all of their hair tips. But fans may just have to wait a little while longer if they are waiting for another book to be released anytime soon. As far as what fans can look forward to in the future, expect more hair-related topics and keep a close watch at their YouTube channel. And for those who are thinking of creating a YouTube channel themselves, their advice is to simply “be yourself and remain authentic”.

Though the Glam Twinz are known as a duo, each Kelsey and Kendra have their own individual personalities that—they both agree—help bring out the best in each other. “So many people, once they start to watch us, they automatically know “Okay, that’s something Kelsey would say.” Because I’m a little bit more animated. A little bit more feisty…a little more vocal. Little more ratchet, some people would say. But it’s fine. I like to call it clatchet—classy and ratchet. Put those together, that’s Kelsey.” Both Kelsey and Kendra agree that Kendra is more opposite of her sister, more laidback. “I think it works well together. We both have what the other person lacks. I think I’m just the most reserved one,” says Kendra.

The last decade has been quite the journey for The Glam Twinz. They each point out just how much they’ve learned and enjoyed working with each other. Kelsey shares her favorite part has been getting that opportunity to work alongside her sister, while Kendra also emphasizes the growth they’ve seen over the years.

And as for each of their favorite thing about each other, both sisters’ faces lit up with each answer. “My favorite thing about Kendra is that she’s super wise. I always tell her that she has VIP with God, because she always knows stuff. She’s super intuitive,” Kelsey expresses. “I would say I love that Kelsey is very determined. If she can’t figure something out, you best believe she will eventually figure it out. She’s very determined, she’s not a quitter. When Kelsey gets really into something, there’s no stopping her until she figures something out.,” Kendra shares.

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