Music Artist Don Badgett Creates Music to Inspire Change in “The Trap”

Aug 29, 2022

Melissa Elias

A study from The Equality of Opportunity Project used the U.S Census to research the lives of 20 million children. Compared to all groups of children, study shows that Black boys are the least likely to escape poverty and most likely to fall into poverty. Don Badgett is an artist who identifies these concerns in his community and creates music to represent the daily struggles Black men face. 

An all-around creative, Badgett is a music artist, writer, event planner, business manager and CDL truck manager. He is inspired by life itself and used the obstacles he has overcome as fuel to be the man he is today. 

When graduating college he began to set goals for himself and curated how he wanted to spread his message to young Black men who are fathers, needing mental and emotional help, stuck in the cycle of poverty and especially those who are involved in the television glamorized trap life. 

The term refers to a lifestyle common in African-American communities where drugs are made and distributed—where gang violence and other illegal business take place. 

In Q4 2022, Don plans to release an EP titled, “Death to the Trap.” He believes the root of many violent crimes stems from this lifestyle. Offering an alternative, Badgett wants his music to inspire positive change for the future of underserved neighborhood residents to seek legal approaches to building wealth leading to better circumstances and future outcomes. He too has welcomed this philosophy by expanding his repertoire—becoming a truck driver-operator and obtaining various sources of income that do not involve gangs, violence or drugs. 

Some of his musical influences include Lil’ Baby, Lil’ Durk, Nipsey Hussle, Jay-Z and J. Cole. Their music has encouraged him when facing obstacles and motivated him to inspire others with his music. The constant theme within the music of each artist is how resilient they are and the journey they share on the road to their achievements. He relates to their backgrounds, coming from a less fortunate neighborhood and committing to change for his future. Badgett is a new father, with new perspectives. Wanting more for future generations, he tapped into his own experiences to make music for the upcoming generation of Black youth. 

The advice Badgett would give to upcoming independent artists would be, “There is no recipe to success. Just keep going! Be resilient and stay on your vision despite the obstacles you face.” 

The EP is expected to drop mid-November. In the meantime, stay connected with Don Badgett on Instagram: @thereal_donb. 


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