Domestic Violence advocate Lisa Jenkins: The voice for the voiceless

Apr 11, 2023

The Recap Report Staff

“You are enough”

 Mother, wife, and grandmother, Lisa Jenkins is using her life experiences to empower victims of domestic, sexual, and child abuse through her organization, Kingdom Builder Family Life Center (KBFLC) based in Colorado Springs. Lisa has worked with survivors and their families for the last 25 years and started KBFLC 15 years into her career. As we begin to reflect on Lisa’s impactful career, we begin where it all started– in her own household.

“God if you allow me to live, I’ll spend the rest of my life helping those in similar situations.”

In 1994, twenty-four year old Lisa had been in an abusive marriage for 5 years and nearly escaped death. Once she left, she found herself trying to navigate her new life with her 3 children. Lisa’s sole focus was creating a better environment for her and her children. She found herself trying to overcome stereotypical barriers and protecting her children who were emotionally affected by the ordeal. It also affected her trust in her current marriage. She credits therapy and education for helping her understand what she was going through and helping her marriage thrive. 

Also as a Black Woman in Colorado, there weren’t many in that position, she found herself constantly proving herself and showing her worth while intentionally making sure those who came to her door were supported– by  bringing on a team to reflect those being served and never giving up. While Lisa face many obstacles over the course of 30 years, she  kept her faith in God and soon knew he would guide her down the right path 

Kingdom Builders 10 years in the making

At the rise of Kingdom Builders, Lisa was a seasoned advocate with the government full time, where there was a scarcity of resources. She knew in order to effect real change, would be to remove herself from her full time commitment and secure resources to help Kingdom Builders thrive– which she did! In 2018 Lisa was awarded a grant and was able to resign, putting full force behind KBFLC as CEO. This momentum allowed Lisa and KBFLC to connect with other established agencies and get victim services fully funded– with local, state, and federal assistance. “Now I am able to provide the resources survivors need.” She states, “In order to eliminate a person’s [domestic abuse]  situation, you have to have the financial aspect to support them. We can all say we want to help, but if we can’t provide housing, financial assistance, emergency services and other aspects that a survivor needs, then they’re less likely to leave.”

The Kingdom Builders impact

Lisa shares that Statistically 1:4 Women + 1:7 Men report abuse, while 1:5 Youth have been exposed to domestic violence and 1:12 high schoolers are involved with teen dating violence. For adolescents affected by an abusive environment, it’s likely that 90 percent of them will become harmed or harmful themselves. At Kingdom builders they help youth recognize that this behavior is not okay and educate them on the importance of healthy relationships.

In her personal and professional experience, Lisa says advocacy means a lot to the community. “When you’re in that moment, all your power and independence is probably taken away.” So to have someone that says I may not exactly understand what you’ve been through, but I want to help. 

Bringing Awareness-

April marks Sexual Assault and Children Abuse Awareness months which is a focal point of KBFLC. The organization hosts weekly cake and conversations where participants can tour the facility on Wednesdays and learn how they can best support the organization. In light of their 10 year anniversary,  KBFLC is hosting their Race Against Violence 5k in August with their two-day Domestic Violence conference and 10 year anniversary Gala slated for October.

I am Lisa Jenkins Legacy

While Lisa continues to walk in her purpose she is now introducing all of her layers to the world through her “I am Lisa Jenkins” Brand through speaking engagements and interviews. I want to be able to help– I am a helper and a server. Lisa is using the tools God has given her to help other mothers, individuals, and families. She wants to use her personal experience as a voice for those in need. She is currently gearing up to release her debut podcast and also hopes to have satellite offices across the country reflecting the advocacy being done at Kingdom Builders.

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